500+ Most Unique and Unusual Female Dog Names With Meanings

Female Dog Names With Meanings

Searching for unique female dog names with meanings? Finding a perfect girl puppy name is not easy if you don’t have the right inspiration.

We made a list of the best unique girl dog names and meanings that will most likely suit any female dog.

You’ll rarely find a cute girl dog without a cute name. It is not easy to choose a name from an endless sea of unique female puppy names.

For that reason, we created this article with the best unique girl dog names broken in several categories for easier navigation and with each name comes a meaning.

Of course, there are other unique dog names and you don’t have to stick with just one female dog name.

Unique female dog names and meanings

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Unique Cute Female Dog Names And Meanings

  • Cute Pie – This is an adorable dog name. Though it is used so randomly, you can still pick it up for a popular choice. It will suit your cute girl who is as sweet as pie.
  • Honey Bunch – It is another cute dog name to describe the sweetness of your girl puppy. Nothing beats honey in sweetness, only your cute girl dog can. Use it appropriately.
  • Honey Bunny – Honey Bunny is similar to that previous name.
  • Doll Face – Cute little girl dogs are like dolls.
  • Gorgeous – This evergreen dog name is perfect for a beautiful female dog.
  • Dreamboat – She is like a boat filled with dreams and inspirations. This dog name still fits in the unique category.
  • Pancakes – This is one of the cute girl dog names with no real meaning. If she is a pancake lover, she will enjoy it.
  • Sweetheart – Every girl dog resides in the heart of their loved ones. This one is appropriate in that sense.
  • Queen – Which girl doesn’t like to be a queen?  And of course, your girl dog will love it.
  • Daisy – it reflects the brightness of the sun and delicacy of a flower
  • Boo – This is something new! Try it if you wish.
  • Cinderella – Girls are charmed by the fairy tales and their characters. Cinderella is one of the famous Disney character and it is one of the most popular girl dog names.
  • Doodle Bug – You may call her a ‘doodle bag’ if she’s some sort of a paw painter.
  • Flower Child – It indicates peace, beauty, and serenity. Flower is the symbol of purity and gentleness.
  • Bright Eyes – Give it to that girl puppy who has the most beautiful eyes in the world.
  • Lucky Charm – Call her by this name if she is bringing you luck in your life. We believe all dogs are lucky charms in one way or another.
  • Butterfly – You can use it to mean both colorfulness and beautiful transformation in life.
  • Cupcake – This is for your sweet and cute girl puppy. Some people use “sugar” instead of “cupcake”.
  • Lemon – Lemon means freshness and excitement.
  • Rose – “Rose” will be one of the cute names to call a girl puppy. It is also the great way to describe her beauty and delicacy. After the famous movie “Titanic”, this name became very popular among the common folks as they started to call their baby girls according to the name of the lead actress in the movie played by Kate Winslet.
  • Joy – Even if it is a boyish name, it also fits perfectly for a girl dog.
  • Cherry – Can be used to indicate the redness, sweetness and charms of a girl puppy.

Unique Funny Girl Dog Names And Meanings

Choose funny dog names simply by observing her behavior or distinct habits. So, finding funny dog names for girls is not a difficult job. Here are some unique funny female dog names and meanings to inspire you.

  • Cuddle Bug – If she loves cuddling, then this name will definitely suit her.
  • Angel Eyes –  For the girl dog with most beautiful eyes
  • Bub – It is a gender neutral name. This is a name for your lady if you are comfortable with her.
  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon is a sweet spice and it is often found on cakes. To complement her beauty, you can use this unique, cute name.
  • Cutie Patootie –  This is one of the affectionate cute dog names for girls who are as cute as the button.
  • Sprinkles – This name indicates fun, joy, and colorful feelings.
  • Dove – The name reflects innocence and beauty of a white dove.
  • Bitsy – Bitsy is a small and cute girl dog name. It is often heard in the south.
  • Gum Drop – There is no actual meaning for this name but it has wide usage.
  • Gummie Bear – This is one of the cute dog names for girls. Ohh! She will love this nickname.
  • Sugar Plum – Delicate as plum and sweet as sugar.
  • Twinkle – The name is for the girl dog who is the star in your life and reason of the twinkling of your eyes.
  • Snowflake – Snow represents purity and whiteness.
  • Buttercup – This is another unique name, and it can be used to describe her sweetness.
  • Jelly Bean – Jelly Bean is a popular and demanding girl dog name.
  • Kitty – The name derived from the word kitten.
  • Sugar Lips – Another suggested option from the cute names to call a girl dog.
  • Pookie – it sounds cute, isn’t it??
  • Pearl –  means precious and innocent
  • Sweet Pea – You may have heard it a million times. This girl name is mainly referred to who is short and sweet.

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Unique Female Dog Names With Meanings

Unique Sweet Female Dog Names And Meanings

Our list is not getting over, here are ideas of unique sweet girl dog names with meanings to call a girl puppy. There is more to it than you expected.

  • Love of my Life – This is more of a saying than a girl name.
  • Pumpkin – With no real meaning it is often used as a girl dog name.
  • Juliet – The most romantic lady of the era might be a perfect name for your girl dog if she is as lovable as Juliet was.
  • Cookie – Cookies are sweet, and they taste good. In some places, the cookie is considered as a cute name for girl puppies.
  • Spring – If she adds color to your life, then let Spring be present all the time with you.
  • Baby Girl – An affectionate name for an adorable girl dog.
  • Hop – This one is for funny and exciting girl dogs.
  • Melody – The girl dog who “sings” well should deserve this name.
  • Peach – Have you ever seen a peach? It is so delicate and vibrant and can be compared to the cuteness of a girl puppy.
  • Lil Dove – Add Lil before Dove just to enhance the uniqueness of the dog name.
  • Giggles – If you like her smile, you may call her that.
  • Dimples – Girls with cute dimples looks beautiful. She should be reminded of her beauty every time with this name.
  • Princess – Every girl is a princess to her father, brother, her boyfriend or even her owner.
  • Sugar – Mainly this nickname is for the wives, but can be commonly used to call the girl dogs.
  • Babette – A cute and classic girl dog name
  • Pebbles – Adoring & cute girl dog name with no exact meaning
  • Smoochy – This suits your girl dog if you love kissing her.

Unique Female Dog Names And Meanings

Here are some pretty unique female dog names and meanings. Meow…

  • Meow – If your girl dog like cats too much or totally hates them, she won’t feel irritated getting called by this name.
  • Freckles – Girl with freckles are cute!
  • Button –  To describe cute girl dog with big eyes as buttons
  • Summer – Indicates brightness and radiance.
  • My All –  If she means everything to you.
  • Pooh – Winnie the Pooh is the cartoon character.
  • Fairy – For younger, romantic and magical girls.
  • Blossom –  Book it for that special girl dog who has blossomed your life with her special charm.
  • Heart Throb – For girl dogs who snatch away every boy dog night’s dream.
  • Hun –  Might sound Japanese, but it is one of the simple and traditional female dog names.
  • Peanut – Peanut is perfect for small and cute girls
  • Superstar – Every girl is a superstar. You just need to realize her that to her.
  • Pussycat – Another frisky name for your frisky girl dog, little ironic.
  • Gem – Choose this name if you think your girl dog as precious as a gem.
  • Chica – Means Playful and fun. Can be used at any time of the relationship.
  • Temptress –  Tempting, fun and frisky.
  • Tulip – It is a beautiful flower. Nowadays, People like to use flower names as their dog names.
  • Pudding – Use this name to call sweet, adorable and confident girl puppies.
  • Cream – It has many meanings. It indicates how she looks or either way what she likes to eat.
  • Heaven – Dogs are heavenly creatures, calling them heaven might complement that saying.

Unique Girl Dog Names And Meanings

Unique Female Dog Names And Meanings Inspired By Plants And Flowers

Flowers are so gentle and beautiful and colorful and so is your unique female pup. Why not use some of these flower names as a unique girl dog name. Here are some of the most unique flower dog names and meanings:

  • Aster – A plant with flowers resembling a daisy.
  • Begonia – A household plant with very showy flowers. This girl dog is a beautiful addition to your home.
  • Cassia – A large group of plants which grow in tropical climates.
  • Dahlia – A very showy flower of a girl.
  • Daisy – This would be an appropriate name for your white and gold-colored dog.
  • Fern – “I’m equally comfortable inside or outside, but please give me some shade.”
  • Fleur – French – Flower.
  • Flora – Roman Mythology – The goddess of flowers. This girl dog reigns supreme in the garden.
  • Freesia – A beautiful type of iris native to South Africa.
  • Gardenia – A white girl dog who reminds you of a beautiful, fragrant flower.
  • Garland – “I am a winner.”
  • Gherkin – A type of cucumber with really small fruit. An appropriate name for any toy breed of dog.
  • Holly – This girl dog is your everyday reminder of Christmas.
  • Ivy – This dog seems to be taking over your yard.
  • Jacinta – Spanish – A hyacinth plant.
  • Jasmine – A white, red or yellow flower with a wonderful fragrance.
  • Jonquil – A type of narcissus plant with long slender leaves and small white or yellow flowers.
  • Juniper – An evergreen shrub or tree with berrylike cones.
  • Kumquat – A little orange fruit that grows on a tree of the same name. A superb name for your little orange colored dog.
  • Lala – Slavic – A tulip.
  • Liana – A tropical vine which grows up and around trees.
  • Lily – A great name for the long-legged, beauty of a dog.
  • Lotus – A tropical water-lily. The perfect name for any water-loving dog.
  • Mango – “I’m a yellow or red puppy who is sweet and spicy.”
  • Nectar – A liquid found in some flowers which bees use to make honey. This girl dog is naturally sweet.
  • Olive – A fantastic name for your solid-black dog who resembles a ripe olive.
  • Orchid – “My beauty is prized the world-over.”
  • Palmetto – A type of palm, abundant in the SE United States, with fan-shaped leaves.
  • Pansy – “I’m your favorite little-bitty-puppy flower.”
  • Papaya – A tropical melon-like fruit that is yellowish-orange.
  • Petunia – A good name for the girl dog that resembles the cartoon pig.
  • Posey – You can find this pet dog romping in the flower garden.
  • Radish – “I’m the root of this spicy household.”
  • Raffia – A fiber used in basket-weaving which comes from a certain palm tree. This girl dog enjoys being carried around in a basket.
  • Rattan – A climbing type of palm which is used to make canes or wicker-work.
  • Reseda – A fragrant flower of the mignonette plant.
  • Rhubarb – “I’m your favorite sweetie-pie.”
  • Rose – This beautiful girl dog has a wonderful fragrance, but sometimes bites.
  • Rosemary – “I consider myself the most fragrant of all your pets.”
  • Saffron – Expensive, orange-yellow colored spice. A wonderful name for your orange puppy dog.
  • Sweet Pea – “I’m your dear little-girl doggie.”
  • Tangerine – Your reddish-orange dog would fit this name to a tee.
  • Tapioca – This girl dog has a coat as smooth as pudding.
  • Tiger Lily – A dog that is colored orange and black.
  • Tulip – “I love to walk on my tiptoes.”
  • Valerian – A garden plant with small white or pink flowers.
  • Vanilla – The second most expensive spice. This solid-white dog cost you plenty.
  • Yucca – A popular garden shrub with pointed, needle-like leaves.

Unique Hawaiian Female Dog Names And Meanings

Hawaiian dog names are always unique. Each word you choose from Hawaiian language will sound great as a unique female dog name.

  • Alanna – Hawaiian – Of the sky.
  • Aloha – Hawaiian – Hello and good-bye.
  • Kona – Hawaiian – A woman.
  • Lanai – An island in the Hawaiian-island chain.
  • Lani – Hawaiian – The sky. This girl dog loves the outdoors.
  • Maui – The 2nd largest island of the Hawaiian chain.
  • Maylea – Hawaiian – Flower.
  • Oahu – The island that contains the capital of Hawaii – Honolulu.
  • Wahine – A Hawaiian woman. Your aloha puppy.
  • Waikiki – Probably the best known beach in Hawaii. It’s located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Unique Female Japanese Dog Names And Meanings

Female Japanese dog names always have a unique sound. Here are some Unique female dog names and meanings from Japan.

  • Geisha – A Japanese girl trained to sing, dance and entertain the opposite sex. Your Akita dog would love this name.
  • Haiku – A Japanese poem consisting of 3 lines and 17 syllables. A splendid name for your Oriental breed of dog.
  • Honshu – The largest island of Japan. A good name for your Akita dog.
  • Hoshi – Japanese – Shining star. This girl dog stands out in a pack.
  • Kameko – Japanese – Child of the tortoise. This girl dog is never in a hurry.
  • Kyoto – A city on the Honshu island of Japan. Your Akita dog would like to have this pet name.
  • Nagoya – A port in southern Honshu, Japan.
  • Nippon – The Japanese term for Japan. An appropriate name for your oriental breed of dog.
  • Osaka – The 2nd largest city in Japan. Another great pet name for your Akita dog.
  • Sake – An alcoholic drink made of fermented rice. It’s a Japanese specialty. This name might make sense for your Oriental breed of dog.
  • Tamiko – Japanese – Represents the people. A great name for your Akita dog.

Unique French Female Pup Names With Meanings

There are several cute girl dog names to call your girl puppy in French. Here are some unique French female dog names with meanings you can use to refer to your puppy.

  • Bijou – Oui, Oui, a beautiful jewel of a dog
  • Camille – French – A spotless virgin. An appropriate name for the dog that is spayed.
  • Charlotte – French – The little woman. This puppy thinks that she’s all grown up.
  • Cherie – French – A sweetheart.
  • Fay – French – Fairy. A good name for any small breed of dog.
  • Fifi – “French cooking is my passion.”
  • Harriet – French – A home maker. This girl dog enjoys helping out around the house.
  • Jeannette – French – God is gracious
  • Paris – “Come with me along the Champs-Elysées.”
  • Yvonne – French – An archer or the wood used for bows.
  • Eiffel – A fantastic name for your beautiful French Poodle dog.
  • Ma Belle: This is a French name that means my beautiful one
  • Ma Petite: This is a French name that means my little love. You can use this name to refer to your girl dog
  • Ma Biche: This is a word that means my doe or common
  • Ma Bichette: This is a French lovely name that means my little doe
  • Ma Chere: This is a word this simply means my dear
  • Mon-Chou: This word literally means my cabbage and it refers to my sweetheart or sweetie
  • Ma-Puce: literally means my flea to imply sweetheart
  • Mon Coeur: The French dog name literally means my heart and you can use it to refer to your love
  • Mon Tresor: Is a French romantic dog name that means my treasure
  • Mon Ange: lovers use this love name to mean my angel
  • Mon Canard: This is a French loving girl dog name that means my duck
  • Mon Bebe: Is a French romantic dog name that means my baby

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Unique German Girl Dog Names With Meanings

In case you are looking for unique girl dog names in German, this section will give you ten of them. All these words have a definite meaning and you need to understand what they represent before using them. Here are some of the unique German female dog names with meanings:

  • Alma: This is a Spanish name that means my soul. You can use this word to refer to your girlfriend if you regard her to be part of you.
  • Schatz (der): This is a romantic German that literally means treasure, gem or jewel. This is a very common name you can use to refer to your girl dog.
  • Maus (die): This is a German word that means a mouse. You can use this word to refer to your cute small girl dog.
  • Hase (der): This is a German name that means bunny. You can use this terminology to refer to your cute female puppy.
  • Barchen: This is a German word that means little bear. It’s a nice endearment word you can use to refer to your big girl dog.
  • Libeling (der): This is a German word that translates to the English word darling. The vocabulary falls in top ten German romantic names you can use to refer to your girl dog.
  • Engel (der): Is a romantic name if you want to refer to your girl dog as my angel.
  • Schnucki (das): This word does not have a direct English translation. However, it’s a cute sounding word that you can use to express love to your girl puppy. The term is more similar to sweet pie.
  • Perle (die): This is a German lovely name that means a pearl. This is a striking name that is not very common. It’s a nice dog name that most girl puppies love.
  • Sube (die) or Sube (der): This is a top ten German word that basically means sweet. This is a very good word you can use to describe your girl dog.
  • Zaubermaus: We can interpret this German word to mean a magic mouse. This is not a very common love word in German. It’s a nice pet name that comes with a lot of breath and creativity.

Unique Female Spanish Puppy Names And Meanings

There are a lot of cute girl dog names in Spanish. This section focuses on some of the romantic names you can use while referring to your puppy. Here is a list of some unique girl Spanish dog names with meanings:

  • Amante: Is a Spanish name that simply means lover. It’s a nice word you can use to refer to your girl puppy.
  • Angelito: You can use this Spanish vocabulary if you wish to refer to your girl dog as your angel
  • Amor Bello: The term Amor alone typically means my love. Bello is a name that means beautiful one. The meaning of this phrase is my beautiful one.
  • Carino: This is a great Spanish name that means honey or love.
  • Lindo: This is a good word that implies that your girl dog is cute
  • Marovilloso: Is a Spanish word that you use to refer to girls who are gorgeous
  • Precioso Mio: This is a Spanish name that means my precious one
  • Princesa: Is a Spanish name that means my princess. It’s a nice dog name that is very applicable for your girl dog.

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Unique Italian Girl Dog Names And Meanings

You could be looking for the best girl dog names for your girl puppy. Here is a list of cute female Italian dog names and meanings to call your girl in Italian.

  • Aria – An operatic solo. This dog needs no back-up in her barking.
  • Ava – “I’m most comfortable in diamonds and pearls.”
  • Belladonna – Italian – Beautiful lady.
  • Catania – A port on the coast of Sicily.
  • Capri – An Italian island in the Bay of Naples.
  • Cara – Italian – Special friend.
  • Etna – The famous volcano in Sicily. This dog has a volatile personality.
  • Florence – A city in Italy called the city of flowers. A great center of Renaissance art.
  • Fresco – A method of painting with watercolors on fresh plaster.
  • Gina – “Fettuccini Alfredo is my favorite dish.”
  • Gucci – “I’m the finest dog that money can buy.”
  • Guida – Italian – Teacher.
  • Parma – A city in northern Italy.
  • Parmesan – “I have a fondness for cheese-flavored treats.”
  • Pia – Italian – One who greatly fears God.
  • Roma – Italian – Rome.
  • Tarantella – A fast, whirling Italian dance for a single couple. This dog just loves to dance.
  • Caro/a: This is an Italian name that basically means dear
  • Bello/a: It simply mean the beautiful one.
  • Carino/a: Italian men use this phrase while referring to a girl who is cute
  • Teroso: Is an Italian word that literally means treasure. You can use this term of you value your girl dog as a treasure.
  • Dolce: This word basically means sweet. You can use it when you have a sweet girl puppy, but they are all so sweat.

Unique Female Dog Names And Meanings From Literature

Literature is always a good source for unique dog names. Here are some of the well known female names from literature as unique female dog names.

  • Agatha – “I’m a real page turner.” This girl dog has a certain air of mystery.
  • Alice – “Things keep getting ‘curioser’ and ‘curioser.'”
  • Beauty – A lovely, solid-black dog.
  • Carrie – “I’m your lovably telekinetic dog.”
  • Christine – This female dog can quickly turn evil towards any prowler.
  • Damsel – A very old poetic term for a maiden.
  • Desdemona – Othello’s wife in the Shakespearean tragedy. Mad with jealousy over Desdemona, Othello kills himself. This girl dog inspires irrational devotion.
  • Drama – This dog is always on stage.
  • Elf – “I’m your little-bitty mischievous puppy.”
  • Emma – The title of a book by the great English novelist Jane Austen.
  • Evangeline – The title of a famous long-narrative poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
  • Fairy – This little girl dog always captures your imagination.
  • Friday – “I’m your right-hand dog.”
  • Genie – “Your wish is my command.”
  • Goddess – “My charm and beauty are irresistible to ANY and ALL animals.”
  • Gretel – The famous girl from the fairy tale. She and her brother Hansel were almost shoved in an oven by a wicked witch who lived in a house made of candy.
  • Jane – “I have no use for Tarzan anymore.”
  • Juliet – This girl dog cannot contain her passionate nature.
  • Munchkin – “Follow the yellow brick road.”
  • Rapunzel – This pet dog has the best head of hair on the block.
  • Raven – A solid-black dog who rather enjoys poetry.
  • Scarlett – The main female character in Gone With the Wind.
  • Sheena – This pet dog is the Queen of the jungle.
  • Titania – The queen of fairyland in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. An excellent name for any toy-breed of dog.
  • Tinkerbell – Your little-bitty fairy dog.

Unique Girl Dog Names And Meanings That Start With A

  • Alabaster – A great name for your solid-white girl dog.
  • Alley – This dog has been known to hang out between buildings looking for left-overs.
  • Amber – An appropriate name for your brownish-yellow colored dog.
  • Amity – A term that means friendly relations. You couldn’t meet a nicer girl dog.
  • April – A good name for the girl dog born in the month of April.
  • Aura – This girl dog has a special quality that surrounds her.
  • Autumn – This pet has the coloring of turning leaves.
  • Amity – Friendship, harmony
  • Angelica – Angelic
  • Alazne – Miracle
  • Allegra – Joyful
  • Amor – Love
  • Aphrodite – Goddess of love
  • Amia – Beloved
  • Agnes – pure or holy for a feminine figure
  • Amora – a Spanish name for Love
  • Avril – April
  • Arnina – enlightened messenger
  • Artha – Prosperous
  • Aldonsa – Nice

Find a more comprehensive list of female dog names that start with A on Kidzable.

Unique Girl Pup Names And Meanings That Start With B

  • Bessie – Old faithful. A dog who is always there when you need her.
  • Billie – She’s a tomboy who gets hives at the sight of a dress.
  • Birdie – A Labrador retriever or Irish setter dog that loves to chase birds.
  • Blanche – A French form of blanc, which means white. Another great name for your solid-white dog.
  • Blaze – “All the boy dogs think I’m hot.”
  • Bliss – This girl dog provides you with priceless joy and happiness.
  • Blondie – A fantastic name for your platinum blond Maltese dog.
  • Blossom – This girl dog reminds you of a beautiful flower.
  • Blueberry – The perfect name for your Blue-Heeler dog.
  • Bonito – A large, fast ocean fish.
  • Brooke – A super name for your water-loving Labrador retriever or Spaniel dog.
  • Brownie – Your little girl-scout pet.
  • Bubbles – This dog has a real bubbly personality.
  • Bunny – A white pet with pink skin like a bunny rabbit.
  • Butterfly – “You can find me frolicking among the flowers and the bushes.”
  • Baldomera – Famous
  • Biata – Powerful
  • Bronwyn – Fair, Blessed
  • Bree – The Exalted One
  • Bella – Beautiful
  • Bluebel – Blue flower
  • Beatrix – She who brings happiness
  • Belinda – Very beautiful
  • Bethany – the house of song
  • Blair – Plain or a field in Scottish Gaelic Blar
  • Brianna – show honor and virtue
  • Bonita – pretty and cute
  • Buffy – God is my oath
  • Brooke – gorgeous, pretty and glamorous

Female Unique Dog Names That Start With C With Meanings

  • Callie – A dog with calico colors.
  • Candy – “I’m your sweet, guilty pleasure dog.”
  • Carat – “I’m worth my weight in diamonds, well almost.”
  • Cashmere – “You’ll never find an animal with softer fur than mine.”
  • Catsup – “My name is sometimes spelled k.e.t.c.h.u.p.”. A great name for your red irish setter dog.
  • Cauldron – “I’m a black dog who is right at home alongside a witch and her boiling cauldron.”
  • Caviar – A pure-bred dog that cost you plenty.
  • Champagne – A tiny bubble of a girl who has fancy tastes.
  • Charisma – “My personality demands that other dogs follow me.”
  • Charity – “I rely on your generosity for my survival.”
  • Charmin – “I’m a plump and soft pet. But don’t squeeze too tight.”
  • Chastity – This name means chaste or pure. A good name for the dog who gets spayed at an early age.
  • Cherish or Cher – You will cling to and hold this dog very near to your heart.
  • Cherry – “I’m your perky cheerleader dog.”
  • Chiffon – “I love it when you put ribbons and lace in my long hair.”
  • Chocolate – Your oh-so-sweet brown, black or white pet.
  • Cinnamon – This little spice packs a mighty punch.
  • Citrine – A beautiful yellow-colored quartz.
  • Clover – A super adopted pet’s name. She will consider herself to have great luck.
  • Coffee – A brown pet who is always alert.
  • Confetti – “I’m always the hit of the party.”
  • Coral – The animal who loves scuba-diving.
  • Cricket – This dog has long legs and loves to jump.
  • Crystal – You’re always seeing a different facet of this striking female dog.
  • Cuckoo – The asylum called, they’re one dog short.
  • Cygnet – A term for a young swan. This girl dog is extremely graceful.
  • Ceridwen – poetic goddess
  • Consorcia – Association
  • Chavi – Girl
  • Carolina – Song of happiness
  • Carina – Beloved
  • Cara – Beloved
  • Cher – Dear one, darling
  • Chloe – Fresh blooming

Unique Female Dog Names And Meanings That Start With D

  • Dawn – “My barking usually begins at sunrise.”
  • Destiny – “I was meant to be your dog – and you were meant to be my master.”
  • Diamond – “I am both tough and beautiful.”
  • Doe – This dog is as graceful as a deer.
  • Domino – A really good name for a black dog with a few white markings or vice-versa.
  • Downy – This pet has fur so soft that it reminds you of feathers.
  • Dumpling – Your little dough-girl pet.
  • Dachen – great joy
  • Dakini – celestial women guides
  • Daryan – Gifts
  • Duma – Cheetah
  • Daanya – beautiful and a gift of God
  • Dhwani – music or a stream of nice music
  • Delilah – delight, languish, temptress and amorous
  • Daphne – a Bay tree, or laurel tree
  • Darlene – Tenderly loved
  • Dakota – The allies

Female Dog Names Unique With Meanings That Start With E

  • Eartha – “My biggest pleasure in life is going outside and getting close to the soil.”
  • Ebony – This solid black girl dog is simply gorgeous.
  • Echo – This girl dog reminds you of a previous pet.
  • Elixir – She’s the perfect medicine for the blues.
  • Elsa – “I’m sometimes mistaken for the famous lioness.”
  • Emerald – The name for a dog with beautiful, emerald-green eyes.
  • Eternity – “Can I be your pet forever?”
  • Elle – Beautiful fairy
  • Eluta – deep wisdom
  • Esselie – biblical queen
  • Escama – Merciful

Unique Female Dog Names With Meanings That Start With F

  • Facet – “Every side of me is simply beautiful.”
  • Faith – “I’m a dog who will never let you down.”
  • Fancy – This dog is a future best-of-show. She has all the bells and whistles.
  • Favor – You love this girl dog more than your other pets.
  • Fawn – This little girl resembles a baby deer.
  • Fetish – “I inspire irrational devotion.”
  • Flicker – “I dance about like a flame.”
  • Flipper – “I empathize with my fellow mammals.”
  • Fluffy – “I was one of the original power-puff girls.”
  • Fortuna – You lucked-out when you found this treasure of a dog.
  • Foxy – This sly female dog knows how to turn heads.
  • Freckles – A light-colored pet with freckles on her skin or coat.
  • Fuchsia – A reddish/purple color.

Unique G Female Dog Names With Meanings

  • Gabby – “I absolutely love to bark.”
  • Gale – “I’m capable of strong gusts of speed.”
  • Galena – The chief mineral which makes up lead. A super name for any gray-colored dog.
  • Galley – “My all-time favorite room is the kitchen!”
  • Gallium – A soft, bluish-white or silver-white metal found all through the earth’s crust.
  • Galoshes – “I have large paws that resemble galoshes.”
  • Garbo – Greta Garbo is one of the most famous actresses in movie history. A great name for your drama-queen pet.
  • Garnet – An appropriate name for a red dog whose coloring resembles this gemstone.
  • Gazelle – “I have large, brown eyes and long, unbelievably graceful legs.”
  • Gilda – This is a term which means coated in gold. A great name for your blonde-haired dog.
  • Ginger – A wonderful name for your reddish-brown dog such as a Cocker-Spaniel or Irish Setter.
  • Glitter – “I’m the brilliant star of this household.”
  • Goldie – Formally she is Goldilocks, but around the house you can call her Goldie.
  • Gracie – This dog has beauty, charm and wonderful manners.
  • Gremlin – “I’m soft, cuddly and cute – until you add water

Unique Girl Dog Names That Start With H With Meanings

  • Halley – Most popular comet
  • Halloween – Everyone knows trick-or-treat
  • Hershey – Dark-haired dog
  • Hocus – “I’m a black dog who just loves to cast spells.”
  • Halcyon – King fisher
  • Hannah – Favor or grace
  • Harlow – Army Hill
  • Heidi – Noble One

Unique Female Dog Names And Meanings That Start With I

  • Icicle – “I much prefer cold weather over hot weather.”
  • Icky – “Baths make me feel yucky.”
  • Illusion – “I’m capable of unbelievable dog tricks.”
  • Impala – A good name for a reddish-brown dog with long legs and great leaping abilities.
  • Indigo – This would be a super name for your Blue Heeler dog.
  • Infinity – “I have an endless amount of beauty.”
  • Inky – A wonderful name for your solid-black dog.
  • Intuit – “I sometimes understand without you having to say a word.”
  • Ivory – A wonderful name for your solid-white dog.
  • Isla – Scottish Island

Unique Female Pup Names With Meanings That Start With J

  • Java – This girl dog is always there to perk you up.
  • Jewel – “I’m a beautiful addition to any setting.”
  • Jinx – This girl dog certainly cast a spell on you.
  • Joy – “I’ll turn that frown upside down.”
  • Jubilee – “With me around, every day is a day of rejoicing.”
  • Justine – “I fight for the rights of oppressed dogs everywhere.”
  • Jezabel – unexalted
  • Jorgelina – enjoys the countryside

Unique Girl Dog Names That Start With K And Meanings

  • Karma – You feel like powerful forces aligned to bring you and your pet together.
  • Kerry – Irish – A name meaning black. Your solid-black dog would love this name.
  • Khaki – A really good name for the pet with dull, yellowish-brown colors.
  • Kismet – “Fate brought me and my master together.”
  • Kudos – “I deserve much praise for guarding the house.”
  • Kumquat – A little orange fruit that grows on a tree of the same name. A superb name for your little orange doggie.
  • Kenna – Attractive
  • Koffi – born on Friday
  • Kennocha – Lovely
  • Kalila – Dearly loved

Unique Female Puppy Names And Meanings That Start With L

  • Lacey – “I look adorable in ribbons and lace.”
  • Lambkin – The dog that reminds you of a little lamb.
  • Lanolin – “I’m the perfect ointment for your everyday problems.”
  • Larva – “I seem to undergo a metamorphosis every day.”
  • Lava – “I’m the color of melted volcanic rock.”
  • Leona – The female version of Leo the zodiacal lion. Another great name for the dog that resembles a lion, such as a Chow.
  • Liberty – “I prefer to come and go as I please.”
  • Licorice – The chewy candy that you either love or hate.
  • Lulu – “My metabolism is extremely slow.”
  • Lark – Bird
  • Londisa – helps others
  • Luana – Content, happy
  • Lana – Attractive, peaceful
  • Lumina – Luminous
  • Lorelei – Ambush Cliff

Unique Female Dog Names And Meanings That Start With M

  • Mahogany – A reddish-brown colored wood.
  • Maize – The color of ripe, yellow corn.
  • Mango – “I’m a yellow or red puppy who is sweet and spicy.”
  • Marina – “I like to hang out at the dock and eat up any leftover bait.”
  • Marla – “You probably can’t afford me.”
  • Marmalade – “I’m an orange dog who couldn’t be any sweeter.”
  • Meadow – A term for a piece of grassland near a stream. This dog just adores rolling around in the grass.
  • Midnight – This girl pet is as dark as the midnight sky.
  • Mimi – “I just love to scream. I can’t help it.”
  • Misty – “The early morning is my favorite time of day.”
  • Milada – My love
  • Mia – A wished for child
  • Manal – wise woman
  • Mercuria – Greek god Mercury
  • Mayola – Discerning
  • Merle – Blackbird

Unique Female Dog Names And Meanings That Start With N

  • Nacre – Another word for mother-of-pearl.
  • Nana – A dog that reminds you of your dear granny.
  • Nanny – This dog is a mother to all – no matter the species.
  • Natal – “I sometimes act like I was born yesterday.”
  • Neva – The Spanish term for snow, which would fit your solid white pet very nicely.
  • Noelle – “Every day is Christmas to me.”
  • Nova – This is a star that suddenly becomes brighter and brighter. A good name for the girl dog who gets smarter with each passing day.
  • Nugget – Another great name for your golden-haired dog.
  • Nuzzle – “I just love to rub my nose against yours.”
  • Nequai – victory of the people
  • Nasrin – wild rose
  • Natane – daughter
  • Nadia – Hope
  • Naveen – Beautiful

Unique Girl Dog Names With Meanings That Start With O

  • Oatmeal – The dog that is gray and kind of lumpy.
  • Obsession – A pet that is constantly on your mind.
  • Ochre – A pale, brownish-yellow color.
  • Olive – A possible name for your black dog who resembles a ripe olive.
  • Opal – A fantastic name for your milky-hued breed of dog.
  • Opera – “I’m a dramatic puppy who just loves to sing.”
  • Oreo – A great name for your black and white Dalmatian dog.
  • Oneisha – Ondrea + Aisha
  • Onsi – Eagle

Unique Female Dog Names And Meanings That Start With P

  • Paddy – “I walk carefully on the pads of my feet.”
  • Pajamas – “Some people think I’m wearing pajamas… my coat is so beautiful.”
  • Pallid – An appropriate name for your solid-white dog.
  • Pamper – “You can’t help yourself, you’ve just gotta pamper me.”
  • Pantry – “I’m mesmerized by canned goods.”
  • Papaya – A tropical melon-like fruit that is yellowish-orange.
  • Passion – “I do everything with the utmost enthusiasm.”
  • Pastel – A good name for the pet who’s colors consist of soft shades.
  • Peaches – “I’m a sweet and fuzzy girl dog.”
  • Pearl – This pearly white girl is a rare jewel.
  • Peek-a-boo – “I seem to be just around every corner.”
  • Piper – “You can pay me now or pay me later.”
  • Pixie – An ittie-bittie yorkie or peek-a-poo dog.
  • Prudence – “I manage my dog biscuits wisely.”
  • Pemba – controls all life
  • Pepita – God will increase
  • Poni – second-born daughter
  • Paige – Page
  • Pilar – Pillar
  • Phoebe – the shining one

Girl Unique Dog Names With Meanings That Start With Q

  • Quartz – A semi-precious stone which is found in both transparent and colored forms.

Female Unique Dog Names And Meanings That Start With R

  • Ragdoll – This little puppy resembles a rag doll.
  • Raindrop – Your solid gray dog who resembles a rain cloud.
  • Rapunzel – This pet has the best head of hair on the block.
  • Raven – A black pet who rather enjoys poetry.
  • Relic – A puppy that might remind you of one of your former pets.
  • Remora – An ocean fish which uses a sucker to attach itself to a larger fish. It rides along eating whatever is left over from the larger fish.
  • Rhapsody – “I’m a pure delight to have around the house.”
  • Ribbons – “My fur coat is exceedingly fancy.”
  • Ritzy – A glamorous dog who demands to be boarded at only the finest kennels in the world.
  • Ruby – A wonderful name for your Irish-Setter dog.
  • Rumor – You sometimes can’t believe this pet is for real.

Unique Female Dog Names And Meanings That Start With S

  • Solange – Solemn
  • Sophie – Wisdom
  • Sakiko – blossom child
  • Shatara – good & industrious
  • Sulamita – peaceful woman

Unique Female Dog Names And Meanings That Start With T

  • Tansy – Immortal
  • Theophilia – Loved by God
  • Teotista – drunk with God’s love
  • Tallulah – Princess
  • Tatum – Tate’s homestead
  • Tabitha – gazelle, beauty, grace
  • Trixie – Happy

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