Remember the excitement that goes into finding a name and naming your child. The same excitement should go into naming your dog as the new addition is going to be a member of your family for the next 14 to 15 years. There are so many breeds but still each dog has an unique character and behavior. So isn’t it natural that you should think of unique dog names to for your dogs? You can find thousands of names listed on the internet. However, the name you give to your dog should be such that it echos a relationship between you and your dog. The name is what helps the outside world recognize this relationship.

Recently pet owners seem to be turning away from traditional pet names like Smokey, Fido, Fluffy and Rover in favor of human names. According to Dr David Mason, Adelaide animal husbandry director, the trend toward unique dog names correlated with pets playing a more prominent role in the lives of many owners. It is heartening to note that dogs are now getting names shared by no other dog, as owners follow baby naming trends and choose multiple, unusual and hyphenated names. Owners are increasingly naming their dogs using foreign words or after fictional characters such as Aslan from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

unique dog names

Finding an unique dog name is not an easy task. Consider it as a perfect occasion for the whole family to get together to discuss and suggest a name for your pet. Children can sometimes come out with a name that is unique and funny. Here are a few guidelines that should be of help in your naming effort.

  • Choose a name that your dog can easily recognize.
  • The name should not confuse with one of the basic dog commands like sit, stand, stay, down or come.
  • Dog trainers and experts suggest short names as dogs seem to respond better to short names; it is also easy to shout names that have only one or two syllables.
  • If you are having more than one dog, select a name that starts with different alphabets and sounds different.
  • A few facts can guide you in finding unique dog names.

Historical names

Famous historical figures have inspired dog names. Names like Napoleon and Bonaparte in France, Bruno and Fidel in Spain, Zack and Oscar in Australia, Piper, Pip and Shakespeare in UK and, Claudio and Caesar in Italy are commonly used as dog names, .

Names of royalty

King, Queen, Prince, Princess are common dog names. Similarly, names of monarchs, kings and queens are used to name a dog. Examples are George, Alexander, Henry, Arthur and Charles.

Favorite celebrities

The names of famous sports persons or your favorite artists or film personalities may prompt a name for your dog. Dogs are named for pop culture figures, like Elvis, Chandler, and Fagan, while others are named for pastimes, like Black Jack and Jigsaw.

Names of places

Some dogs are named for famous places, like Big Ben, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Jerseys.

Names found in books and movies

A few names are made famous by use in movies and television and books. Such names become an immediate hit in people’s minds and become the first choice when naming their dog.

unique dog names

Unique boy dog names

Max, Bailey, Buddy, Charlie, Jack, Archie, Rocky, Milo, Harry, Alfie, George, Sam, Oscar, Noah, Ben, Riley, Finlay, Harvey, Toby, Kai, Seb, Ollie, Bobby, Kieran, Dexter, Basil, Pip, Kirby, Badger, Gyp, Harley, Hugo, Buster, Alfie, Angus, Hamish, Alvin, Beanie, Beano, Beazer, Benji, Banjo, Bertie, Bruce, Buzz, Chester, Clyde, Clint, Danny, Dennis, Dave, Digby, Freddie, Harvey, Herbie, Indie, Jamie, Jazz, Jim, Jimmy, King, Laddie, Monty, Ned, Pal, Pepe, Reg, Riley, Ricky, Robin, Spencer, Zak, Jake.

Unique girl dog names

Bella, Lucy, Molly, Maggie, Daisy, Chloe, Sophie, Sadie, Lady, Princess, Tasha, Biddy, Trixie, Holly, Millie, Abby, Sasha, Sandy, Katie, Annie, Chelsea, Coco, Lily, Amber, Rosie, Cinnamon, Duchess, Jasmine, Muffin, Ruby, Grace, Mia, Evie, Freya, Maisie, Poppy, Ella, Alice, Amy, Bess, Beth, Bonnie, Darcy, Dixie, Dolly, Faith, Ginny, Gabby, Gwen, Gypsy, Hope, Izzy, Jade, Jess, Kerry, Cara, Keira, Layla, Mabel, Nancy, Nellie, Penny, Pippa, Sadie, Tara, Tess, Zoe, Kim, Kizzy, Polly.

Cute dog names

Scooby, Scoob, Yogi, Gromit, Pluto, Odie, Snoopy, Snoop, Pongo, Perdie, Tramp, Muttley, Dougal, Shep, Pebbles, Winnie, Sweep, Sooty, Womble, Zippy, Noddy, Pudsey, Muppet, Simba, Thumper, Biggles, Casper, Elmo, Ernie, Gizmo, Marley, Scrappy, Toto, Jumbo, Bolt

Dog Names after Famous People

Famous historical figures and characters have also inspired dog names, like Lancelot, Guinevere, Einstein, Elvis, Eeyore, Caesar, and Brutus. Some are named for pop culture figures, like Elvis, Chandler, and Fagan, while others are named for pastimes, like Black Jack and Jigsaw. Other names after famous people are Madge, Kylie, Queenie, Wills and Kate, Xena, Beckham, Brooklyn, Rooney, Elvis, Sherlock, Caesar, Riggs, Cheryl, Beyonce, Bieber, Shakira, Rih-Rih, Britney, Ziggy, Tiger, Jolie, Brad, Bowie, Oprah, Clooney, Whitney, Jacko, Prince, J-Lo, Dylan, Frazer, Hercules, Homer, Houdini, Merlin, Nero, Ozzy, Ringo, Samson, Stig, Tyson, Miley.

Dog Names from Designer Brands

Gucci, Radley, Champagne, Mercedes, Chanel, Prada, Bentley, Porsche, Burberry, Tiffany, Rolex, Moet, Fendi, Cartier

unique dog names

Dog Names reflecting Dog’s Personality

Magic, Mischief, Lucky, Foxy, Sassy, Smartie, Fidget, Sparkle, Bouncer, Poppet, Missy, Rover, Butch, Snuggles, Champ, Flash, Speedy, Sparky, Skippy, Chuckles, Tickle, Merry, Ace, Captain, Chance, Dash, Digger, Hero, Mouse, Puzzle, Rascal, Fly

Dog Names matching the Dog’s Appearance

One dog owner named her dog Ursina, or Ursi for short (derived from the Latin for “little bear”) since the pup looked a little bit like Ewoks (bear-like creatures from Star Wars). Other names matching a dog’s appearance are Ebony, Snowy, Snowball, Raven, Patch, Scruffy, Teddy, Fluffy, Spot, Jumble, Bear, Hazel, Panda, Freckles, Pixie, Copper, Ginger, Blackie, Blaze, Blue, Dusty, Goldie, Jet, Rusty, Midge, Elf, Silver, Red Smoky, Smudge

Dog Names based on Food and Drink

Some dogs get their names from food and drinks, like Meatball, Guinness, Kahlua, Sambuca, Toffee, Fudge, Candy, Toast, Coffee, Chardonnay, Biscuit, Whisky, Brandy, Sherry, Waffles, Guinness, Olive, Peanut, Pickles, Pepper, Saffron, Crumpet, Honey, Lollipop, Nutmeg, Truffle, Chilli, Chip, Cocoa, Spud, Cookie.

Dog Names after Places

As for unique dog names, they are all over the places. A few dogs are seemingly named for places, like Alcatraz, Indianas, Jerseys, Brooklyn, Paddington, Big Ben, and Bronx.

Dog Names derived from Nature

Nature, Skye, Star, Rainbow, Bracken, Bramble, Barley, Ice, Echo, Flora, Flower, Heather, Petal, Midnight, Misty, Ocean, Opal, Storm, Summer, Sunny, Breeze, Galaxy, Shadow.

With an extra effort and thought, you should be able to come out with a list of unique dog names. An unique name would certainly add uniqueness to your cute pet.

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