Gun Names For Dogs: 320+ Locked and Loaded Ideas

Gun Dog Names

Welcome to our extensive list of gun names for dogs. We’re locked and loaded to introduce you to some pawtentially fantastic names with a bang.

Is your dog’s bark as mighty as a Glock’s shot? Or do they have the sheer energy akin to a well-oiled machine gun?

As always, here at Dog Name Hero, we’re excited to help you find the highest caliber name for your loyal canine buddy and ensure you two are the talk of the dog park.

So, if you’re ready to blast through an arsenal of doggy names inspired by gun names and terminology, you’re in the right place.

Pistol Gun Names For Dogs

Let’s start with names that pack a small but powerful punch – pistol gun names for dogs. Now you can call your pup by a name that boasts the same might as these iconic handguns:

  • Beretta: Inspired by the popular Italian firearm manufacturer. “Fetch, Beretta, fetch!”
  • Derringer: For your feisty little friend with the double-sided charm.
  • Sig: Short and snappy, just like the famous Sig Sauer classic pistol.
  • Browning: An elegant name for a sophisticated pup and a nod to Browning hi-power pistols.
  • Luger: A German masterpiece, just like your brave and disciplined Schutzhund.
  • Ruger: Sounds like ‘booger,’ and we guarantee the kids will love this one!
  • Colt: An American classic, just like your All-American pup!
  • Glock: Simple, strong and reliable – the golden retriever of pistol names!
  • Makarov: For all the fur parents who enjoy a bit of Cold War nostalgia.
  • Sauer: Short for Sig Sauer and perfect for a dog as loyal as a loyal firearm sidekick.
  • Mauser: Give your German Shepherd a name befitting its heritage!
  • Walther: Inspired by the Walther PP pistol, more than fit for a pupper agent!
  • Cobra: For your small but deadly pup, watch out when he strikes!
  • Desert: Because ‘Desert Eagle’ might be a mouthful during fetch!
  • Pico: Beretta’s tiniest pistol and your pocket-size pup’s new name.
  • Cheetah: Inspired by Beretta Cheetah. Is your little pup as fast?
  • Blazer: Named after Blazer Brass ammunition. Too cool for puppy school, huh?
  • Nambu: For the pup that’s as unique as the Japanese Nambu pistol.
  • Python: Colt’s well-loved revolver. For the pup that squeezes into your heart!
  • Tracker: Mirroring Taurus Tracker. Perfect for the little explorer in your house.
  • Hammer: The part of a gun but also a reflection of your dog’s powerful personality.
  • Recoil: A funny, unique name that captures your dog’s playful spirit.
  • Pistol: Yes, why not? It’s adorable for a little bundle of energy.
  • Barrel: A distinctive, unusual name. We bet you’ll be the only one calling “Barrel” at the dog park!
  • Trigger: An obvious choice, but hey, if the shoe fits!
  • Bullet: A classic choice for a swift little puppy.
  • Wesson: Inspired by Smith & Wesson, an iconic name for your iconic fur buddy!
  • Magnum: As powerful as a Magnum bullet, and twice as impactful!
  • Maxim: After the Maxim pistol. Guaranteed, there will be no other Maxims at puppy school!
  • Radom: For the European breed, name them after the famous Polish pistol.

Rifle-Inspired Names For Dogs

If you’re looking for a dog name that’s both bold and classic, rifle names for dogs are the way to go. These proud and historic firearms deserve respect, just like your new furry companion:

  • Winchester: Apt for a champion breed striking gold in charms!
  • Kalashnikov: Or ‘Kala’ for short? Perfect for your indomitable, fearless friend.
  • Carbine: Inspired by lightweight rifles, a fitting name for a small, energetic pup.
  • Bullet: A running classic for the fast runners in our fur family.
  • Sniper: For your stealthy feline-like German Shepherd.
  • Ruger: An American rifle for your All-American breed, perhaps a Labrador?
  • Armalite: A robust, reliable name for a robust, reliable breed like the Boxer.
  • Browning: Oozes elegance – picture a regal Afghan Hound strutting with this title!
  • Remington: Or ‘Remy’, for your friendly, approachable Golden Retriever.
  • Sako: A Finnish rifle name for ‘Suomenpystykorva’, a Finnish breed. Just ‘Finn-tastic’!
  • Gatling: For the playful, fast-paced English Springer Spaniel.
  • Mauser: Just a ‘Deutsch-ful’ name for your German breed, isn’t it?
  • Dragunov: A Russian rifle for the exquisite Russian Borzois.
  • Blaser: ‘Blaser’ the Border Collie… now that’s a fun bark-pack!
  • Savage: Raw and rugged – for the Doberman with a heart of gold.
  • Mannlicher: An Austrian rifle, perfect for an Austrian breed, the Austrian Pinscher!
  • Mossberg: A cool, rolling name for your laid-back Greyhound.
  • Henry: A timeless rifle, a timeless name for any furry hero.
  • Wesson: Because Smith & Wesson make classic names for classic breeds… like the Bulldog!
  • Charleville: A French rifle name for a French poodle? Oui, please!
  • Steyr: A strong Austrian name, well suited for a formidable Rottweiler.
  • Springfield: A majestic moniker for a noble breed like the Alsatian.
  • Enfield: A British rifle for a dignified British terrier, huh?
  • Howa: A Japanese rifle and a deliciously different name for a Shiba Inu.
  • Lee: As in Lee–Enfield, a charming, easy-to-shout-at-the-park name!
  • Marlin: Imagine a sprinting Corgi wearing this name. Heart-melting, right?
  • Jezail: An Afghan name for your loyal Afghan Hound.
  • Garand: Your spirited Irish Setter would love an ‘M1 Great-Grand’ name!
  • Rifle: Sometimes, keeping it simple is most striking!
  • Musketeer: For your courageous, adventurous, all for one, and one for all fur buddy!

Shotgun Names For Dogs

Hold onto your hats – or should we say collars? – because it’s time to grab a shell, pump some action, and take a blast through our list of 30 shotgun-inspired names for your dog!

  • Beretta: A chic Italian name for your stylish pooch, perhaps a Greyhound?
  • Maverick: Named after the Mossberg Maverick… or maybe just the rebel in your pup!
  • Remington: Or shorten it to “Remy” for a Cocker Spaniel that steals hearts!
  • Pumpkin: Playing with “pump action” for a cute and playful name!
  • Buckshot: How about a charming Beagle with a knack for sniffing out adventures?
  • Stoeger: A distinctive name for your distinctive and elegant Saluki!
  • Krieghoff: Got a German Shepherd at home? Try this German shotgun brand name!
  • Benelli: An Italian shotgun brand for your regal Italian Greyhound!
  • Ithaca: How about an Ithaca-inspired name for your loyal Bernese Mountain Dog?
  • Winchester: A classic-yet-powerful name for all the Boxer lovers out there.
  • Browning: For the sophisticated, gentle giants of the canine world, think Great Dane.
  • Gauge: First things first: Gauge the love your Dalmatian brings to your heart.
  • Double Barrel: “Dubby” for short? This playful name suits the fun-loving Labrador!
  • Baikal: A Russian shotgun brand that just might suit your ferocious Samoyed.
  • Weatherby: How about naming something beautiful for your Akita, like a Weatherby shotgun?
  • Saiga: Bring out the exotic side of your Rhodesian Ridgeback!
  • Mossberg: A tough name for tough breeds, Rottweilers always have your back.
  • Spartan: Are you the proud owner of a fearless Doberman? This one’s for you!
  • Franchi: A Finnish Spitz would love to have a French shotgun brand as a namesake.
  • Volcano: A name that erupts with personality, perfect for your lovable Bull Terrier.
  • Kollar: As in Kollar Arms. An easygoing name for a playful breed!
  • Escopeta: A Spanish shotgun name fit for a majestic Spanish Galgo.
  • Scatter: With a name like this, your energetic Border Collie will never miss a beat!
  • Hatsan: A Turkish shotgun name that can make even your calm St. Bernard dog sound exotic!
  • Pumpie: A little Bichon Frise named after a pump-action?! How adorable!
  • Semi: Just like a semi-automatic shotgun, perfect for a compact Pug!
  • Over_Under: You’ll never be ‘over’ the cuteness of a Shih Tzu named ‘Under’!
  • Boomie: A cheerful and peppy name for the most enthusiastic Jack Russell Terrier.
  • Blasto: Got a dog that’s a bolting companion? Picture that Pointer named Blasto!
  • Shotzie: A playful and lovable name for your ever-huggable, furry buddy!

Ammunition Inspired Dog Names

If you’re looking to name your dog something that carries a “bang”, why not consider these ammunition-inspired names? They’re sure to turn heads and get tails wagging.

  • Bullet: Speedy as a Greyhound on a squirrel-chase mission. Zip, zap, zoom!
  • Ammo: A strong, direct, lovable title—just like your trusty Boxer.
  • Caliber: A name that measures up to the high standards of a German Shepherd. Perfect!
  • Gauge: Substantial enough for a hefty, loving Labrador Retriever. Go fetch, Gauge!
  • Powder: Fluffy and gentle as a Maltese. Aww, doesn’t Powder want a cuddle?
  • Slug: For the dog who loves to take it slow and steady.
  • Shell: A great name for a pooch with a tough exterior but a soft, loving heart.
  • Buckshot: A strong, robust name for your loyal guard dog.
  • Slug: Compact and steady. A perfect fit for your reliable and slightly lazy Bulldog.
  • Wadcutter: Could there be a more fitting name for your Dachshund, which cuts through the wades like a champ?
  • Hollow-Point: An explosive name for your energetic Golden Retriever who loves to open up and play.
  • Dum-Dum: A quirky option for the goofball in your life, how about a lively Boxer? Sounds about right!
  • Frangible: Meaning to break, this is a bold choose for your high-spirited Beagle who loves those toys a tad too much.
  • Black Talon: For the fearsome look but a heart of gold, your majestic German Shepherd will rock this!
  • Expander: For your Boston Terrier who expands joy everywhere he trots.
  • Blazer: A little spark, a whole lot of flame, just like your fiery Chihuahua.
  • Spitzer: Sharp and fast, much like your sprightly Jack Russell Terrier. Spot-on!
  • Rimfire: A red-hot name for a fiery Australian Shepherd, right on!

And there you have it! A round of ammunition-inspired dog names that would make every tail wag at the doggy playground. But remember, in the end, it’s always the connection with your dog that secures a ‘direct hit’ in the name hunt.

Firearm Brand Dog Names

Sometimes brand names themselves can make brilliant dog names. Celebrate your affection for your favorite firearm brand by giving your canine companion one of these standout names.

  • Savage: A favorite firearms manufacturer and a cool name for your feisty furry friend.
  • Dakota: A shout-out to Dakota Arms, and perfect for a dog who’s as free-spirited as they come.
  • Kimber: An elegant name inspired by a well-respected firearm producer.
  • Beretta: Named after the Italian firearm manufacturer, could fancy an Italian Greyhound.
  • Remington: Big name for a big fellow like the English Mastiff.
  • Winchester: How about this classic for a classic breed like the Beagle?
  • Ruger: Perfect for the strong and swift Border Collie.
  • Browning: A solid choice for a solid fellow, and who better than a Bullmastiff?
  • Wesson: Think about a German Shepherd named Wesson. Warm, reliable, protective!
  • Colt: Playful and fast, could be a suitable name for an energetic Terrier.
  • Marlin: Smooth, flowing, and could suit a well-mannered Golden Retriever.
  • Steyr: Austrian-grade name for your royal friend, a Boxer?
  • Sig Sauer: A distinctive name for a distinctive breed, like the Shiba Inu.
  • Kimber: For an elegant, poised Poodle.
  • Heckler: For a boisterous Bulldog who loves a good sneaky shoe steal.
  • Walther: German precision for a German breed, like a Rottweiler.
  • Benelli: Sounds just right for a spirited Jack Russell Terrier!
  • Henry: For your faithful Retriever, always by your side.
  • Perazzi: Why not choose this unique brand for a unique breed like the Hungarian Vizsla?
  • Savage: Surprisingly sweet for a sturdy, lovable St. Bernard!
  • Rossi: Can’t you just picture a robust Rottweiler named Rossi?
  • Bersa: Strong, firm, and could possibly suit a Bull Terrier.
  • Para: Short and snappy, like a Chihuahua.
  • Barrett: A powerful name for a powerful dog like the Alaskan Malamute.
  • Charter: A leading name for a leader breed – a German Shepherd perhaps?
  • Glock: For a dependable friend like a Labrador Retriever.
  • Radom: A unique name for a unique breed, like the Xoloitzcuintli.
  • Llama: For a brave Boston Terrier, willing to take on a llama-sized challenge!
  • Adler: A soaring choice for a dog that flies around the yard like a Border Collie.
  • Kahr: Compact yet full of character, just like a Pekingese.
  • FN Herstal: An elegant sounding Belgian brand for an elegant Belgian breed like the Malinois.
  • Arsenal: A resounding name for a robust breed like the Akita.
  • Maverick: The ideal fit for a nonconformist breed, like the Basenji.

Gun Model Names For Dogs

Your beloved pooch deserves a title that makes a “bang!” Why not explore these dog names inspired by specific models of firearms?

  • Python: A powerful name for a muscular breed such as the Pitbull.
  • Luger: Are you a proud Dachshund parent? Then this name might just slide right in!
  • Maverick: Perhaps an adventurous name for a curious Shiba Inu.
  • Spitfire: This could heat up your playful Miniature Pinscher’s personality.
  • Calico: A purr… um, sorry, perfect name for your belovely Border Collie!
  • Blaster: For an energetic and fun-loving Boxer.
  • Thunderbolt: Don’t be fooled by their size, Corgis can bring the thunder!
  • Peleton: This name sounds fancy and would suit a poised Poodle quite well.
  • Sniper: A Greyhound – ruff, rakish, and very, very fast!
  • Magnum: This strong name will have a fierce impact on your Rottweiler.
  • Desperado: A Wild West throwback for your daring Dalmatian.
  • Breezer: Cool and suave, just like a sleek Whippet.
  • Revolver: A classic for a classic breed – the trustworthy Golden Retriever.
  • Matador: Fearless and strong, surely matches a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
  • Tommy: A fun and energetic name for a spirited Beagle.
  • Uzi: Compact yet powerful, just like your feisty French Bulldog.
  • Ranger: A heroic name for a courageous Malinois Belgian Shepherd.
  • Carbine: A versatile choice for a well-rounded breed like the Labrador Retriever.
  • Bolt: Agile and ready for anything, just like a lively Border Collie.
  • Sabre: A sharp name for a smart dog like the brilliant Poodle.
  • Widowmaker: For a strong and daring Doberman Pinscher.
  • Enfield: English and classic, tailored for a regal English Setter.
  • Stinger: Quick and agile, this will fit an Australian Cattle Dog nicely.
  • Muzzle: A unique, fun choice for a quirky and energetic Boston Terrier.
  • Cannon: Boom! A powerful name for a mighty Great Dane.
  • Flintlock: Vintage model, vintage breed – how about an Old English Sheepdog?
  • Gauge: Compact and precise, just like the ever-ready Jack Russell Terrier.
  • Bulletmaster: A powerful name for a strong-bonded breed like the Akita.
  • Javelin: Sleek, swift, and piercing – the ideal name for a Weimaraner.
  • Caboom: Just imagine a rambunctious Labradoodle owning this name.

Gun Names for Dogs

Gun Parts Names For Dogs

30 fun and unique names for dogs inspired by gun parts

  • Trigger: A spunky name for your feisty Jack Russell Terrier who’s always ready for action!
  • Barrel: Perfect for a robust, barrel-shaped English Bulldog.
  • Muzzle: Cute and snuggly, just like your endearing Shih Tzu.
  • Bolt: A speed demon-like name for your fast-and-furious Greyhound.
  • Hammer: Give a mighty German Shepherd a strong name inspired by their powerful presence.
  • Stock: Solid and steadfast, just how your reliable Bullmastiff is.
  • Slide: For the lightning-fast Weimaraner, always sliding across surfaces in a playful pursuit.
  • Gauge: How about a charmingly offbeat choice for your stylish Italian Greyhound?
  • Extractor: A smart name for the hardworking Border Collie, always ready to fetch and “extract”!
  • Cylinder: A quirky yet fitting name for the ever-so-spunky Dalmatian.
  • Frame: An elegant choice for the ever-so poised Afghan Hound.
  • Pin: Short, sweet, and fitting for your compact French Bulldog.
  • Clip: A catchy and clever name for your loyal Border Terrier.
  • Piston: How about an action-packed name for a Boxer, always pumping with energy?
  • Seer: Enlighten your intelligent Poodle with a unique and insightful name.
  • Breech: A strong, powerful name for a Bullmastiff who guards your heart.
  • Chamber: Spoil your fancy Pomeranian with an equally fancy-sounding name.
  • FlashHider: A cheeky, stealthy name perfect for your clever, always-in-the-shadows Bengal cat-turned-dog, or any other pet that can make you question if their paws are secretly made of smoke.
  • Grip: Got a strong, dependable Bull Terrier in your life? Let this name express their sturdy, unwavering presence and hold over your heart.
  • Silencer: For your quiet Maltese, always sneaking softly around your home.
  • Ratchet: A fun and rebellious name for a fearless, ready-for-anything Boxer.
  • Primer: Celebrate your dog’s essential role in your life with this name for your hardworking Labrador Retriever.
  • Lock: Strong and protective, a name befitting a guarding Doberman.
  • FiringPin: A high-energy and striking name for a playful Australian Cattle Dog.
  • Receiver: Shower your Golden Retriever with a name showcasing their skill.
  • Mag: A cool, clipped choice for the trusty, sidekick-like Beagle in your life.
  • Spring: For the effervescent and bouncy personality of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
  • Ejector: Name your brilliant Border Collie after their ability to “eject” anything in their path during a game of fetch!
  • Takedown: A tough name for the courageous and protective Rottweiler that’s got your back.
  • Safety: A comforting, reassuring name for your loyal, gentle Newfoundland.
  • Buttstock: How about a cheeky choice for your dog with an adorably wagging “butt”, like a Corgi or Basset Hound?

Funny Gun Names For Dogs

Take aim with our 30 funny gun names for your ruff and tumble furball.

  • Trigger – Ideal for your quick-to-react pups that go from 0 to 100 in a tail wag!
  • Barklock – Fits a dog who makes sure every stranger in the neighborhood gets the (bark) memo.
  • Smith & Whiskers – Renowned for their gunsmith heritage, adjust the name slightly to suit your furry friend with distinguished whiskers!
  • Revolver Retriever – A fun fusion for a wise and gunslinging Golden Retriever.
  • Pawsley – Named after Samuel Colt’s groundbreaking inventor and handy with all things paw.
  • Derringer Dachshund – A nod to the small-but-mighty pistol and the equally feisty Dachshund breed!
  • Blunderbark – Oops, did your dog just go a little overboard when barking? This one’s a punny winner.
  • Colt .45 Canine – For the dog who’s perky, energetic, and full of Wild West spirit just like those classic cowboy guns!
  • Poochchester – Winchester… or Poochchester? Embrace your pup’s old-school cool with this silly spin.
  • Bulletproof Basset – Got a Basset Hound? They need a bit of armor; their sniffs can stop any bullet in its tracks!
  • Glockadoodle – For the Goldendoodles that are social, fun, and (almost) as accurate as a Glock!
  • Barknum – From Magnum to Barknum, your dog will undoubtedly feel larger than life with this play on words!
  • Rifleruff – “Rifleruff” is a fantastic convo-starter for a pup who loves to make new friends.
  • Ammo Amigo – A fun twist when your pup is always well-stocked with enthusiasm and playfulness!
  • Saloon Springer – For the English Springer Spaniel who loves living it up in the old West life!
  • Labraderringer – Labradors never shy away from fun, so they definitely need a name that’s just as excitin’!
  • Muzzle Loader Mutt – For a mixed breed with an unstoppable sniffer and barks that make folks take notice.
  • Breech Beagle – Beagles always have a nose for adventure, just like this fun take on a gun part.
  • Snipehound – If your dog is great at stealthily retrieving toys, “Snipehound” it is!
  • Boomstick Boxer – Boxers are loyal, powerful, and friendly, and this name will let their spirit shine!
  • Corgi Cannon – A Corgi’s bark is potent; let the name be the reminder!
  • Dogomatic – A name inspired by the futuristic gun, this name suits a forward-thinking, spirited dog!
  • Pupistol – A play on “pistol,” perfect for small pups that pack a big punch!
  • Six-Shooter Shih Tzu – This combo pays tribute to the Wild West, adding a dash of cuteness!
  • Muzzle Muzzle – Why not Muzzle2 for your Schnauzer mastering the world with its ever-curious sniffer?
  • Gun Dog Gun – A hint of a dog’s dual nature—playful on the one hand, watchful like a guard dog on the other!
  • Shotgundog – Accurate in barks and quick on their paws — a fun name to try!
  • Afghan Akita – Try this cool twist for both gun aficionados and proud Akita paw-rents!
  • Ruffmington – A playful twist on Remington for your always-ready-to-rumble doggo!
  • Barkley & Barks – Inspired by the firearm company Beretta, a name filled with goofball energy and fun!

If your pupper’s spirit stands out in a crowd, they deserve a playful gun-amplified name. Whether you choose Colt .45 Canine, Boomstick Boxer, or Breech Beagle, they’re bound to steal hearts and spark laughter.

Male Gun Names For Dogs

Here’s a killer list of 15 paw-tastic, firearm-inspired male dog names

  • Torpedo – For the swift swimmer or an explosive runner!
  • Buckshot – If he’s fast and scattered like a fired shot!
  • Uzi – Compact but powerful, just like this Israeli submachine gun.
  • Quicksilver – Does his energy remind you of a speeding bullet?
  • Bomber – Displaying explosive enthusiasm when it’s time for treats?
  • Panzer – A bulletproof powerhouse that loves the rough-and-tumble.
  • Gunner – For the pup that shoots straight into the action!
  • Barrett – Strong and powerful, just like the firearm.
  • Sniper – Your pup is always on target when it comes to having fun!
  • Marksman – Exceptionally precise, in games and cuddles.
  • Slingshot – Watch out, world! This Fido’s ready to soar!
  • Lockdown – When he’s got his eyes on a toy, it’s game over.
  • Bulletproof – Nothing can dampen his canine spirit!
  • Outlaw – A cowboy at heart, roaming the prairies with a waggin’ tail.
  • Ballistic – Lives on the edge, ready to unleash a whirlwind of energy!
  • Carbine – Light, swift, and stylish, just like your speedy pal!
  • C4 – Explosive energy packed into a furry body.
  • Gatling – Here comes the whirlwind of action and excitement!
  • Bazooka – Boom! This one’s sure to make an impact!
  • Blaster – For the pup who’s always blasting through life with gusto!
  • Gunsmoke – The coolest cowboy in the dog park scene!

Female Gun Names For Dogs

Let’s gun our way through these 15 female gun dog names

  • Pistolera – A sassy little shooter with a flair for the dramatic.
  • 6-Shooter – Six times the charm for your fierce lady!
  • Derringer – Small but mighty, just like the pocket pistol!
  • Mauser – Inspired by the iconic German weaponry manufacturer.
  • Barrel – She packs a double dose of fun and laughter!
  • Skeet – Does she love chasin’ them clay pigeons?
  • Holster – She’s the perfect sidekick for your life’s adventures!
  • Triggerette – Always at the ready to unleash pawsome power!
  • Gauge – Suited to a pup that’s got the measure of things.
  • Triggerina – A playful twist on ‘trigger’ for your ever-ready girl.
  • Flintlock – For a girl on fire, sparking joy wherever she goes.
  • Bayonet – Is she sharp and to the point, cutting through the mundane?
  • Muzzlebelle – A cheeky blend of ‘muzzle’ and ‘belle’ – pretty and powerful!
  • Revolverose – A hat tip to the revolver, but with a flowery spin!
  • Blitzkrieg – For your fast, furious, and irresistibly fierce canine.
  • Bersa – After the Argentine firearms manufacturer – perfect for a vivacious vizsla!
  • Wesson – A classy name, inspired by Smith & Wesson.
  • Pistolotta – A whole lotta love and a whole lotta spirit packed into one doggo!
  • Fusil – A name with a French flourish, it actually means ‘gun’ in French!
  • Rounds – Is she having continuous rounds of fun, bringing joy and energy to your life?

Fictional Guns Inspired Dog Names

Here are the top 20 fictional guns that are bound to make you howl with delight

  • DL-44: Heavy Blaster Pistol. Hold onto your hats, “Star Wars” fans! This iconic sidearm is leaps and bounds as cool as its owner, Han Solo. Pew pew!
  • Noisy Cricket: Small but mighty, this pint-sized firearm packs a powerful punch in “Men in Black,” just like our little canine companions.
  • Proton Pack: “Ghostbusters” made this gun as unforgettable as the movie itself. Nearly impossible to keep on a leash, it’s the city-saving weapon we need when things get spooky.
  • ZF-1: Zorg Industries, slinky and full of surprises, the ZF-1 from “The Fifth Element” has more features than a Swiss Army knife—it’s the gun for every possible “creature” you may encounter.
  • M41A Pulse Rifle: The lethal weapon of choice in “Aliens,” this bad boy can turn even the scariest xenomorph into space dust – making your favorite doggo feel safe and sound.
  • Lawgiver: Judge, juror, and exterminator – all in one trusty sidekick. This smartly engineered firearm from “Judge Dredd” delivers justice faster than your furry friend fetching a ball!
  • Phaser: “Set phasers to stun!” This classic gizmo from the “Star Trek” franchise adds an intergalactic touch to any away mission from the Enterprise.
  • Good Samaritan: With a blend of style and raw power, Hellboy’s custom-made revolver brings new meaning to “bang for your buck,” or in this case, “bang for your bark.”
  • Plasma Rifle: This “Terminator” weapon hits the spot like a well-trained pup fetching their favorite treat. One concentrated blast, and bark my words – their fate is sealed.
  • Auto 9: RoboCop’s innovative firearm boasts unwavering loyalty and an arsenal worthy of the toughest cases. It’s Detroit’s prime directive to pack a punch!
  • Golden Gun: One bullet, one target –simplicity reigns supreme with the 007 classic. This gun gets the job done without the extreme fireworks, much like a sly pet sneaking a treat off the kitchen counter.
  • BFG 9000: Doom fans rejoice! The “Big Furry Gun” (wink wink) is here to slay some monsters and remind you of the adrenaline rush that classic video game delivered.
  • Fat Man: When launching mini-nukes is on your “Fallout” to-do list, this legendary weapon will obliterate any fearsome creatures like it’s just another day in the post-apocalyptic park.
  • Ray Gun: Oh, the nostalgia! A shout-out to “Call of Duty: Zombies” and the classic Ray Gun that zapped our eyes and the undead with panache.
  • Type-33: Guided Munitions Launcher (Needler). A novel combo of machine gun and explosion, the Needler has spines like a cactus but the ferocity of a porcupine protecting its pupper.
  • R.Y.N.O. (Rip Ya a New One): From the “Ratchet & Clank” universe, a gun with a name that matches its dazzling, fearsome firepower. Who wouldn’t want this multi-barreled monstrosity in their arsenal?
  • Lancer Assault Rifle: “Gears of War” enthusiasts, rev up your (chainsaw) engines! This nifty half-rifle, half-chainsaw contraption takes multitasking to a whole new level.
  • Cerebral Bore: For the “Turok” fans, nothing says “ouch” quite like this drill-’em-and-fill-’em gun. Its bark is as strong as its bite!

Historic Gunslingers Dog Names

Play your cards right, and you’ll find a name as legendary as the most famous gunslingers who walked the earth!

  • Jesse – As charismatic as the infamous outlaw, Jesse James himself! A fitting name for a dog with a roguish charm.
  • Belle – In honor of the notorious bandit queen, Belle Starr. Ideal for your little fur diva with an adventurous spirit!
  • Billy – Inspired by the legendary “Billy the Kid.” This name is a paw-fect match for a spirited pup with a whiff of mischief.
  • Cassidy – Named after the legendary outlaw leader, Butch Cassidy himself. The paw-some name for a charismatic dog that’s always leading the pack.
  • Wyatt – For Wyatt Earp, the noted lawman of Tombstone. The paw-fect name for that peace-keeping pet in your household.
  • Hickok – A nod to “Wild Bill” Hickok. Suitable for dogs born with a wild, adventurous streak.
  • Calamity – Calamity Jane never missed her mark. Neither does your pup when it comes to winning hearts, we bet!
  • Oakley – Name them after the beloved sharpshootin’ Annie Oakley. This moniker suits any top-notch trick-performing canine.
  • Bond – Inspired by the fearless U.S. Deputy Marshal, Nehemiah Bond. A loyal, protective name for your brave buddy.
  • Tombstone – A tribute to Doc Holliday, the fearless gunslinger of Tombitory, Arizona. Your furball will never back down from a spat at the dog park!
  • Bass – Like the renown outlaw Sam Bass, it’s a name befitting for pups with a larger than life persona.
  • Holiday – Doc Holliday, known far and wide, a man of sharp wit and quicker guns. This one fits like a glove on smart, quick dogs!
  • Hardin – For your tough guy, name him after John Wesley Hardin, one of the most feared outlaws in the West.
  • Boone – Daniel Boone, although not strictly a gunslinger, was an iconic wilderness explorer in the West.
  • Sundance – Just like the Sundance Kid, your pup might seem slinky but has a heart of gold!
  • Hart – Pearl Hart, the banit queen, lends her name to your fearless, independent furry friend!
  • Curly – Jack “Curly Bill” Brocius spread his terror in The West. The moniker is just right for a dog with curls and a wild side!
  • Dalton – After the infamous Dalton gang. A suitable name for a dog who has a striking presence and leadership qualities.
  • Garrett – Contemplating a name for your hound, that makes everyone take notice? Name him after Pat Garrett, the sheriff who captured Billy the Kid.
  • Morgan- For your loyal and dependable pup, name him after the lawman Morgan Earp.

Fictional Gunslingers Dog Names

Give way to gun-inspired names that echo our favorite fictional heroes and anti-heroes wielding these awe-inspiring weapons.

  • Ripley – After Ellen Ripley, the unstoppable gun-waving heroine from the “Alien” series.
  • Rambo – A one-dog-army, ready to take on the world!
  • Solo – Named after “Star Wars'” roguish smuggler, Han Solo.
  • Wick – As swift and sneaky as John Wick himself!
  • Bond – An ode to the debonair superspy, James Bond.
  • Lara – For the bold, fearless, and acrobatic gun-guru Lara Croft from “Tomb Raider”.
  • Django – To channel the unchained, gun-toting hero of Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece.
  • Reacher – A nod to the no-nonsense, action-loving drifter, Jack Reacher.
  • Boba – After the legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett, in the “Star Wars” series.
  • Rocket – The trigger-happy raccoon from Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”.
  • Giddy up, we’re not done yet!
  • Indiana – In honor of the daring archaeologist and gun-slinger Indiana Jones.
  • Domino – As nimble and unpredictable as the “Deadpool 2” gun-toting mutant.
  • Bourne – After the expert marksman and spy, Jason Bourne.
  • Beatrix – For the deadly sharpshooter “Kill Bill” herself.
  • Lucy – From Luc Besson’s action-packed flick, “Lucy”.
  • Mad Max – For apocalyptic survivors with an unshakeable will.
  • McClane – For the dog that doesn’t know it’s Christmas until there’s gunfire, courtesy of John McClane from “Die Hard”.
  • Widow – An homage to the skilled assassin Black Widow from the Marvel universe.
  • Connor – For dogs that’ll lead the pack against the machines, like John Connor in “Terminator”.
  • Lethal – After the hilarious, action-filled “Lethal Weapon” series.
  • Terminator – For the dog that’ll protect you from killer robots, like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in “The Terminator”.
  • Ethan – In recognition of Ethan Hunt, the daredevil spy from “Mission: Impossible”.
  • Jill – For the S.T.A.R.S. member and skilled markswoman, Jill Valentine from “Resident Evil”.
  • Matrix – From the “hold onto your seat” masterpiece, “The Matrix”.
  • Duke – As in Duke Nukem, he’s got guts and guns.
  • Nikita – From the series “La Femme Nikita”, for gun dogs with a sophisticated edge.
  • Portman – An ode to Evey Hammond from “V for Vendetta” for canines with strong, revolutionary spirits.
  • León – After the lone wolf professional from “Léon: The Professional”.
  • Archer – From the animated series “Archer”, for dogs with a goofy bite and bark.
  • Quigley – Named after “Quigley Down Under” for pooches who’d never back down from a long-distance fetch!

Why Choose Gun Names for Dogs

Gun names for dogs are not only distinctive, but they can also highlight the unique bond and shared interests between you and your canine companion.

Choosing a gun-inspired name allows your dog to boast that rugged, powerful aura that’ll make other pups scurry away like the “Runaway Muzzle Fluffs” they are.

Tips For Choosing the Perfect Gun Name for Your Dog

While we’ve provided a mighty arsenal of names, picking the right one for your furry friend is still essential. Keep these tips in mind when selecting your dog’s moniker:

Match Their Personality: A gun-inspired name like “Winchester” might be best suited for a bold and energetic dog, while “Luger” could be perfect for a small but feisty pup.

A Name That Resonates: Choose a name that has significance to you, whether it’s your favorite firearm or a model that holds special meaning.

Easy Pronunciation: Your dog’s name should be easy for you to pronounce and for them to learn.

Final Thoughts

Choosing from gun names for dogs is like picking the perfect target – it takes a bit of consideration, a bit of experimentation, and a whole lot of love. Remember, every dog is unique, so pick a name that reflects your furry copilot’s spirit, and you’ll hit the bullseye every time.

Armed with our list of suggestions, we bet you’ll find a name that makes your furry friend jump with joy. Or at least wag their tail with mild appreciation (we all know how it is). We’d love to know which names make your list. So load up in the comments below and fire away.


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