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  • Wheaten Terrier

    Irish Dog Breeds

    The beautiful Emerald Isle is home to some of the most devoted and fun loving dog breeds. A little background on the most popular Irish dog breeds would lead us to an useful discussion on the Irish dog names. Wheaten Terrier The Wheaten Terrier is the largest of the true terrier breed of dogs. It […] More

  • Dachshund


    Physical Traits There are three varieties of dachshund coats: smooth coat, long haired and wire-haired. The wire-haired is the least common of the varieties and the most recent to be recognized. The coat can be single-colored, such as the dominant red. But even a dominant color can have variety, such as shades of red from […] More

  • English Bulldog

    English Bulldog

    Please know that the recipe to raising a laid back English bulldog from a puppy comes with work and not rough housing them. When a baby is born, they have to be trained to become the adult they have the potential to become, the same goes with an English bulldog puppy. Your puppy will become […] More

  • Great Dane

    Great Dane

    For their enormous size and exquisitely regal appearance, Great Danes often are called “the Apollo of all dogs”. Their kind and easy disposition, statuesque standing and noble expression continue to earn them enviable popularity among people of all walks-of-life. The history of the breed runs back to the times of ancient Egyptians and Assyrians. Archeologists […] More

  • in

    Labrador Retriever

    The Labrador Retriever breed falls into the Gundog group of dogs. They are extremely friendly and make great family pets and are great companions for children. They possess webbed paws for swimming, helpful while they retrieve their prey, consequently the name retriever. The Labrador, at one time referred to as the Lesser Newfoundland, is among […] More

  • German dog names

    German Shepherds

    German Shepherds are an incredibly loving, intelligent breed of dog and are the ideal pet for active families. They love being with people and are generally extremely eager to please their human companions. Because they are so easily trained, are intensely loyal and very smart, they are used by many police and military forces throughout […] More

  • Siberian husky

    Siberian Husky

    The Siberian Husky is a working dog, capable of towing light loads at moderate speed over long distances. Agile, powerful and very resistant to effort, the Siberian husky is a dog full of good will, gentle, awake and sociable. Siberian Husky Origins THE CHUKTCHES DOG, Originally from Eastern Siberia, the Siberian Husky appeared around 2000 […] More