Mythology Dog Names – Inspiring Mythical Names For Dogs

Mythology Dog Names

Dog Names from Mythology are strong, unique and will suit any breed or size. Mythology dog names are awesome for both female and male dogs, both big dogs and small pups, all in all you can’t go wrong with Mythological names for dogs.

Owning a dog is a dream come true for many people, young and old. Dogs make people feel less alone, and they are good for your heart, help you stop stressing, and make us more approachable and social. There is a lot to do and build a good bond or relationship with your furry friend.

Many people just focus on grooming their dogs. It’s a wise decision and a necessity if you want to keep your dog happy and in good health. The good thing is that naming your dog can even strengthen the relationship. But choosing the name of your dog is not an easy undertaking.

Longer names tend to be difficult for your dog to understand and might be hard to say over and over. It’s rewarding also to avoid a name that sounds like a command. Dog names that rhyme or sound similar can also be confusing and complex for the dog to learn.

Don’t go for a name that other dog lovers find offensive or embarrassing. Avoid general insults, cultural or racial slurs, or anything that has a curse word in it. If your adult dog already has a name, try not to change it. Choose a similar name if you have to change it.

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Use Mythology Dog Names

Myths have been used in many parts of the world to name pets. Probably you are well-acquainted with a number of mythology dog names. If not, then there is a lot to know.

Mythology is the study and interpretation of sacred stories of culture, especially those that deal with different aspects of the human condition. The study is broadly based on the Greek mythos for story-of-the-people. These will also include tales about the relationship between Gods and humans.

Myths are widely used to understand the difference between imaginative and factual accounts. Many people have gone on to use these understandings as a means to name their pets. Mythology provides all types of meaningful name ideas for dogs, and it’s upon you to choose the best.

Mythology Dog Names


The name ideas may vary from gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroes. These are names that can instill your pet’s name with mystical abilities and powers. Hence, it would be best if you chose your mythology dog names wisely.

You won’t go wrong by choosing mythology dog names, but you have to decide when you need a female or male dog name. The name should also be unique and intriguing to call out. Mythical dog names have a story to tell, so pick a name you can easily relate to.

Common Mythology Dog Names To Choose Today

Mythology dog names go way back many years and will speak to the human experience. So, pick names that impact the lessons of bravely, glory, and strength. Pick a versatile name that you will fall in love with and will befit your dog’s breed.

Mythical Names For Female Dogs

  • Echo – Echo was a great Greek goddess with a loving heart and beautiful voice. It’s a gentle name that will befit your puppy thanks to her matchless qualities and personality.
  • Eris – You can use the name Eris for your dog if she gets into a nasty mood or has a disagreeable nature. Eris was a Greek goddess of discord, rivalry, strife, and contention.
  • Aura – She was a Titan goddess of fresh cool air and the breeze of morning. You can draw the inspiration of the morning breeze to name your dog, Aura.
  • Demeter – If you already love calling one of your pets Zeus, you won’t go wrong by naming the female one Demeter. She was the agricultural goddess and sister of Zeus. You will have a garden-loving dog to call a companion.
  • Artemis – She was a very busy goddess and known for her passion for hunting and protecting young children. Let the many qualities of Artemis inspire you to name your respective dog.

Other Mythology dog names to pick for your female dogs include

  • Tyche
  • Luna
  • Hera
  • Athena
  • Nike
  • Isis

among others.

For more girl mythical dog names you can check our Female Greek Dog Names.

Mythology Dog Names


Mythology Names For Male Dogs

  • Eros – If you have a loving and attractive dog, Eros is a befitting name you will fall in love with each day.
  • Hercules – Your Chihuahua will love to be called Hercules. You will have named your dog after the god of power and strength.
  • Janus – Janus was the god of beginnings, and it’s a great name for a dog that sits at the dog waiting for you to return home.
  • Zeus – If you have a top dog you love, Zeus is a unique name you will definitely value if you already own Demeter. Mythically, Zeus was the father of Hercules.
  • Hermes – If you own a clever and cunning puppy, Hermes will be a befitting name. A trickster will fill the bill.

Other mythical names for male dogs include

  • Poseidon
  • Hades
  • Loki
  • Apollo
  • Uranus
  • Pandora

to name but a few.

For more boy mythical dog names you can check our Male Greek Dog Names.

To Sum Up

There is a lot in a name, and the one you choose for your four-legged friend can mean a lot. Most importantly, the name you choose should be easy to understand, memorable, and fit with your dog’s personality. Intrinsically, go for mythology do names you genuinely like. It’s the name you will be calling your furry friend all the time, and you should enjoy how it sounds.


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