Spanish Dog Names – 240+ Unique Spanish Names

Spanish Dog Names

Spanish names are charismatic, cool, romantic, funny, strong, beautiful… all in all Spanish dog names sound great, your dog will love it and people will love it.

Spanish dog names are very catchy and are generally easy to pronounce, and are very easy for a dog to get used to it.

Spanish Dog Names with meanings

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We made this list of most interesting Hispanic, Spanish dog names:

Spanish Dog Names Male With Meanings

Male Spanish names are well known around the globe. Here are some male Spanish names that will sound great for your puppy:

  • Amigo – Spanish for Male Friend.
  • Angel – Male Name From the Name Angelos – Meaning Messenger.
  • Arturo – Meaning Bear. Other Forms – Ito, Turo, Arthur = English Form
  • Blanco – Spanish for White
  • Chico – Spanish for Young Man
  • Diego – Form of Jaime From the Hebrew Word Meaning “supplanter”
  • Fabian – an Old Roman Family Name Meaning “broad Bean” – Fabio is a Variation of Fabian.
  • Gaspar – After the Name Given to One of the 3 Kings in the Gospel
  • Hugo – Means Intelligence, one of the smart Spanish dog names
  • Paco – a Familiar Form of Francisco
  • Pancho – Male
  • Turo – Familiar Form of Arturo

Spanish Dog Names Female With Meanings

These are cool female Spanish names that will suit your female dog perfectly:

  • Alba – Latin Origin Meaning White
  • Allegra – Latin Origin Meaning Cheerful or Happy!
  • Azul – Spanish for Blue
  • Benita – Blessed – Cherished
  • Blanca – Spanish for White
  • Carmen – Originating From Mount Carmel in the Holy Land
  • Chiquita – Spanish for Little Girl
  • Concha – Familiar Forms of Concepcion
  • Febe – After Phoebe, the Greek Goddess of the Moon
  • Gema – Precious Stone – Gem
  • Jazmin – Female Name Meaning Jasmine
  • Mercedes – Female Name Meaning Mercy
  • Luna – Spanish for Moon, beautiful female Spanish dog name
  • Mona – Female Name Variation of Ramona
  • Nana – Female Name – Variation of Ana
  • Quina – Female Name – Variation of Joaquina
  • Rosita – Female Name
  • Sita – Female Name Variation of Ines
  • Sofia – Female Name Meaning Wisdom.
  • Zita – Female Name – Form of Esperanza
  • Zoe – Female Name – Meaning Life

Check our Female dog names for more dog name ideas for your puppy girl.

Spanish Dog Names For Both Genders With Meanings

Here are some Spanish dog names suitable for both female and male dogs:

  • Boca – Spanish for Mouth
  • Azul – Spanish for Blue
  • Bonito – Spanish for Pretty
  • Cruz – Male or Female Spanish Name for Cross
  • Damaso – to Tame
  • Diablo – the Devil
  • Cugat – a Catalan Name of Obscure Carthaginian Origin
  • Dina – Judged
  • Feo – Spanish for Ugly
  • Frijol – Spanish for Bean
  • Poco – Little
  • Tito – to Honor
  • Toro – Spanish for Bull

Funny Female Spanish Dog Names

If you are looking for a funny, unique, and adorable name for your female Spanish pup, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best funny female Spanish dog names that you’ll love.

  • Bamba: She who looks like a cream bun, or is fat from stealing too many cream buns off the table.
  • Blanca: “White.” He or she that will need frequent baths.
  • Bonita: Invest in a mirror, I’m pretty.
  • Chili: Hot Dog!
  • Chiquita: What I lack in size, I make up for with attitude.
  • Corona: See this crown? It means I am in charge, not you or Dog with a six pack…and some lime!
  • Feliz: “Happy.” Likely spoiled with treats and NOT forced to wear silly clothes like his friends.
  • Fiesta: Party animal. May need 12 step program.
  • Gorda: Um, excuse me? I’m just full figured. Can I have some more puppy food now?
  • Lupe: Mother of God, or wolf. This dog thinks very highly of himself and will likely run for public office.
  • Margarita: (Hic)Honest officer, (hic) I only drank two (hic).
  • Muchacha: Maid? You honestly rescued me from the shelter to be your maid?
  • Negrita: Once you go black you never go back.
  • Niña: I refuse to grow up!
  • Paloma: Dove killer.
  • Salsa: Meet my brother, Chip.
  • Samba: Watch me do my doggie dance. You know, the one I do at the back door when I really need to get out! Serious hip action.
  • Siesta: Don’t bug me, I’m sleeping
  • Xuxa: Dog wearing a crown and sitting on a throne. Dog’s named Xuxa only use golden firehydrants.

Spanish Dog Names

Funny Male Spanish Dog Names

If you’re looking for funny male Spanish dog names, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of funny male Spanish dog names that are sure to make you laugh.

Here are our top picks:

  • El Perro Más Chistoso del Mundo – is a fun way to say “the funniest dog in the world.” You could also use this for your own funny dog.
  • Tres Patas y Dos Manos – Three Legs and Two Hands
  • El Cachorro Delgado – The Thin Puppy
  • Amigo: Friend who cannot control his licker.
  • Burrito: This “little ass” will pee in your shoes.
  • Chico: “Boy.” Can I still keep this name after I’m neutered?
  • Chili: Hot Dog!
  • Chiquito: Who you calling small? I’ll bite your ankles if you say it again.
  • Cisco: What? Are you too lazy to call me by my full name, Francisco?
  • Fernando: I’m daring and adventurous…Keep me tightly tethered!
  • Gato: I’m having an identity crisis. Therapy needed. Cool Hispanic dog name.
  • Gordo: Who you calling fat? I’m just horizontally challenged.
  • Hombre: I’ll prove to you I’m the man!…Watch me lift my leg on this fire hydrant.
  • Lima: Oh no! I hope I didn’t get this name because I’m green. Sure wish I wasn’t colored-blind.
  • Loco: Puppy on Prozac.
  • Mambo: Dancing dog. Hey, have you seen any of my stuff on YouTube?
  • Matador: Come play with me, we’ll have a killer time!
  • Muchacho: I’m a boy. I lick myself because I can.
  • Niño: Who are you calling a child? I’m not, I’m not, I’m not….
  • Pablo: Borrowed. Isn’t borrowing a dog like borrowing underwear? Oh, speaking of underwear, Pablo will borrow yours and return them with new holes.
  • Paco: A cop with an attitude. Loves to wear a badge and gun. One of the catchy Spanish dog names.
  • Puncho: Calm, unruffled. Yeah, good luck with that! A perfect Hispanic dog name.
  • Pedro: “A rock.” Not a name recommended for dog’s living in glass houses.
  • Pepe: “He shall add.” He shall add a little urine to your carpet.
  • Perro: You do not get an “A” for creativity. Naming your dog “dog” is at best, redundant.
  • Peso: “Burden.” Only recommended if you want your dog to feel bad about himself.
  • Picasso: Angular, strangely colored dog that costs big money.
  • Ponce: “Fifth.” Oooooh, I hope it’s a fifth of Tequila!
  • Poquito: Pocket puppy. Perfect Hispanic dog name for smaller pups.
  • Panama: Dog that can swim the distance.
  • Taco: “A filled tortilla, mess, or swearword.” This poor dog can’t catch a break.
  • Tango: Dog with rose in mouth.
  • Tequila: Dog who likes worms.
  • Tito: Dog caught moon dancing after being named for one of the original Jackson 5.
  • Toro: Dog who eats grass.

For more funny name ideas check out our Funny dog names as well.

Spanish Names For Dogs By Color

The following are some of the most popular Spanish names for dogs by color. These are great ideas for naming your dog if you want their name to describe what they look like or remind you of something.

  • Amarillo – Yellow
  • Rojo – Red
  • Anaranjado – Orange
  • Negro – Black
  • Blanco – White
  • Morado – Purple
  • Rosado – Pink
  • Marrón, Café – Brown
  • Azul – Blue
  • Verde – Green

Spanish Dog Names From Fruits

If you’re looking for a Spanish name for your dog, there are lots of fruit-inspired names to choose from. In fact, there are so many that it can be hard to decide which one is right for your pup. Here are some of the best Spanish dog names that come from fruits:

  • La manzana – Apple
  • El albaricoque – Apricot
  • El banano – Banana
  • El coco – Coconut
  • La cereza – Cherry
  • La toronja – Grapefruit
  • Las uvas – Grapes
  • El limón – Lemon
  • El mango – Mango
  • El melón – Melon
  • La naraja – Orange
  • La papaya – Papaya
  • El melocotón – Peach
  • La pera – Pear
  • La piña – Pineapple
  • La frambuesa – Raspberry
  • La fresa – Strawberry
  • La sandia – Watermelon


Male Spanish Dog Names

A list of male Spanish dog names, including all the common and traditional Spanish male dog names, as well as some more modern and unique Spanish male dog names.

  • Abrecan
  • Aglarale
  • Agustin
  • Alan
  • Alano
  • Alcott
  • Aldan
  • Aleck
  • Aler
  • Alighieri Dante
  • Alois
  • Alonso
  • Alpin
  • Alvaro
  • Alwin
  • Amado
  • Ambrosio
  • Amhold
  • Amos
  • Amoux
  • Amwolf
  • Anastasio
  • Andettan
  • Andres
  • Andwyrdan
  • Anguysh
  • Anibal
  • Anselmo
  • Ansleigh
  • Aonghus
  • Aponivi
  • Aquilino
  • Armando
  • Auden
  • Audley
  • Aurelius
  • Bardulf
  • Bartolome
  • Bigun
  • Bill
  • Billy
  • Binah
  • Blane
  • Bonifaco
  • Britton
  • Brock
  • Buinton
  • Calbert
  • Carrado
  • Carrick
  • Ceastun
  • Ceolwulf
  • Cesario
  • Charley
  • Charro
  • Chayo
  • Choovio
  • Clodoveo
  • Coleman
  • Conner
  • Cortez
  • Cristian
  • Cristobal
  • Cristos
  • Crowley
  • Cuarto
  • Currito
  • Danil
  • Danton
  • Daran
  • Delman
  • Demario
  • Derrell
  • Deryck
  • Deveral
  • Dido
  • Domingo
  • Donato
  • Dovev
  • Duardo
  • Eadsele
  • Eadweald
  • Earm
  • Egbert
  • Elazaro
  • Elliot
  • Elne
  • Elrad
  • Eneas
  • Engjell
  • Enrique
  • Ernesto
  • Escalibor
  • Estefan
  • Ethan
  • Fabio
  • Fakhir
  • Faro
  • Feo
  • Fidele


Female Spanish Dog Names

Let’s face it, dogs are man’s best friend. And when you have a female dog, you want to give her a name that personifies her beauty and grace. Here are some of the best female Spanish dog names.

  • Abril
  • Adalwolfa
  • Adana
  • Adelinda
  • Adella
  • Alberta
  • Albertine
  • Aldene
  • Aleen
  • Alejandra
  • Aleksandrya
  • Aleta
  • Alina
  • Alise
  • Aliza
  • Allaire
  • Allyson
  • Alma
  • Almundena
  • Alona
  • Alta
  • Alurea
  • Alva
  • Alvy
  • Alys
  • Alyson
  • Alyssandra
  • Alyx
  • Amada
  • Amalie
  • Amanda
  • Amber
  • Amberly
  • Ametta
  • Ana
  • Anacelia
  • Analee
  • Andena
  • Ane
  • Angelyn
  • Angharat
  • Anitia
  • Annorah
  • Annwfn
  • Antonina
  • Aoife
  • April
  • Araceli
  • Arcadia
  • Ardath
  • Ardelia
  • Arella
  • Armina
  • Artemisia
  • Audre
  • Aurelia
  • Bathild
  • Beatriz
  • Blanca
  • Buena
  • Buttercup
  • Calida
  • Carilla
  • Carlota
  • Celine
  • Ceria
  • Chardonnay
  • Chavela
  • Cheresse
  • Cherine
  • Chiquita
  • Chrisanna
  • Christian
  • Cira
  • Claudette
  • Coco
  • Conradina
  • Consolata
  • Constancia
  • Consuelo
  • Coralie
  • Cori
  • Crisann
  • Dani
  • Darci
  • Darel
  • Deikun
  • Delinda
  • Delmara
  • Delphia
  • Denyse
  • Dina
  • Dionis
  • Doroteia
  • Dulcina
  • Edenia
  • Eleanora
  • Elena
  • Elina

More Dog Names Options

Still haven’t found the name you were looking for, no worries a lot more to explore on our website. You can browse our unique dog names category or you could also try the cool dog names category. If you have a smaller dog you can use our small dog names list, and of course for big ones there’s the big dog names list as well. So as you can see you will find your perfect dog name for sure.

Spanish Dog Names Infographic

Here is our Spanish dog names infographic for more visual angle.

Spanish dog names


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