Cool Dog Names

Cool Dog Names

What is it that makes dog names cool. Cool, as defined by Webster, means moderately cold. We don’t want to name our dog Ice Pack, do we? When we’re looking for cool dog names, we’re not looking for something that’s moderately cold. We are looking for dog names that set trends, or names that are trend setters. To be cool means to be the one that everyone else looks at and says, “Wow, I want to be like that!”

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Cool Dog Names From Cool People

Cool dog names can come from several places. You can start with cool people and their names. Who is the coolest guy you can think of? Fonzie immediately comes to mind for me. How about the coolest girl? With Fonzie on my mind, it naturally goes directly to Laverne. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a pair of dogs named Fonzie and Laverne? You could even dress them, him in a leather doggie jacket and her in a sweater with a big L on it.

  • Fonzie
  • Laverne

Cool Dog Names From Cool TV Personalities

Television gives us some very cool dog names. Some famous dogs that belonged to the coolest TV personalities are

  • Murray from Mad About You
  • Maximillian, the Six Million Dollar Man’s dog.
  • Zeus – Magnum PI had Zeus and Apollo.
  • Porthos – If you think Star Trek: Enterprise was cool, Porthos was their dog’s name.

Cool Dog Names

Cool Dog Names From The Movies

Where can you find characters that are cooler than those on TV? The movies, of course. You could look for the names of the dogs that belonged to cool movie characters, like Serpico, his dog’s names were Barnaby and Alphie. Either one is a cool dog name, and Alphie was a cool movie character, too. Turner’s dog was Hooch, from Turner and Hooch. You can’t get much cooler than Cool Hand Luke, his dog was named Blue. The Snow dogs were cool dogs, in every sense of the word cool. Their names were Demon, Diesel, Duchess, Mack, Nana, Scooper, Sniff, and Yodel.

  • Barnaby and Alphie from Serpico
  • Hooch from Turner and Hooch
  • Demon from Snow dogs
  • Diesel from Snow dogs
  • Duchess from Snow dogs
  • Mack from Snow dogs
  • Nana from Snow dogs
  • Scooper from Snow dogs
  • Sniff from Snow dogs
  • Yodel from Snow dogs

Cool Dog Names From Comics

The comics offer up some pretty cool dog names, too. Garfield is cool, and his dog’s name is Odie. The Peanuts had Snoopy and Spike, both ultra-cool dogs in their own rights. Batman’s dog is Ace. Or maybe you are a very cool nerd. Dilbert’s dog is Dogbert.

  • Odie from Garfield
  • Snoopy and Spike from Snoopy
  • Ace from Batman

Other Cool Dog Names Ideas

Okay, if you haven’t found anything yet, or at least come up with some cool dog names of your own, you will have to be more creative. What cool things do you like to do? Are you a skydiver or pilot? How about Vertigo? Maybe you’re an amateur magician? Houdini comes to mind. A guitar player might name his dog Les Paul (or split it up between two dogs, Les and Paul).

Maybe you are at your coolest when you’re out on the town, hitting the clubs and knocking back a few. What’s your favorite cool drink? Bailey, Jack, Bud, Cuervo, Tequila, and Brandy are all cool dog names.

If you are still stuck for cool dog names, then maybe you will need to ask some of your cool friends for suggestions. If you’re not the coolest person on the iceberg, picking out cool dogs name for your puppy can make you cooler than you really are.

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