Hawaiian Dog Names And Meanings – Over 160 Aloha Puppy Names

Hawaiian Dog Names

In Hawaiian, the word for dog is “ilio holo.” The word “ilio” means “dog” and “halo” means “the one.” So, if you want to give your dog a name that has meaning, consider these Hawaiian dog names.

Will Hawaiian dog names fit your new puppy? Let’s see.

Getting a new puppy is somewhat alike to meeting your newborn baby.

After a few days of over excitement and ooh-ing and awww-ing at the cuteness of the little one, one has to decide on what name to give it.

And as you probably know, common names are boring.

You therefore need to choose a name that will live in you and your family’s memories forever.

And what better name to give your dog (or baby) than a Hawaiian one?

The 50th State stands out from the rest of the US not only geographically, but also in terms of culture.

For one, the island state’s traditions and naming systems are heavily influenced by its strong Asian roots, deep-rooted warrior culture, and very strong family bonds.

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Hawaiian Dog Names

Male Dog NamesFemale Dog Names
ʻAlapa Pua
Koa holaLākana

All said, let’s jump into the best Hawaiian dog names that would fit your little furry pal.

Hawaiian Dog Names

For context purposes, we have divided the names into different categories based on their meanings and uses.

Best Hawaiian Dog Names

These are some of the best Hawaiian dog names with meanings.

  • Akua

    “Queen of the leader.” Get her a crown of flowers!

  • Honua

    – Name meaning “first on earth.” Christians would call him Adam

  • IPO

    – Wall Street canine.

  • Kanani

    – “The beautiful one.” This one loves to see herself in the mirror.

  • Kekoa

    – “The brave one, the soldier.” Your Belgian Malinois would be proud to have this name.

  • Lani

    – “Heaven.” You’ll frequently find this dog in church.

  • Luana

    – “Female warrior.” She hangs out with Kekoa.

  • Makamaka

    – ‘To dance the war dance.” I’d like to see that!

  • Makani

    – “The wind.” Not to be confused with “breaking wind.”

  • Manu

    – “Man of the birds.” Consider this name for your Golden Retriever.

  • Moi

    – Pick me,me,me!!

  • Po

    – Short for “Maopopo loa,” meaning “certain.” This dog won’t be one to
    change his mind.

  • Pua

    – “Pick Up Artist.” A really studly fellow.

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Female Hawaiian Dog Names With Meanings

Here are some feminine words which would be great to use as female Hawaiian names for dogs:

  • Ao

    – Cloud

  • Pua

    – Flower

  • Wai

    – Water

  • Lau

    – Leaf

  • Polika

    – Orchids

  • Kauoaeo

    – Sunflower

  • ʻLelo

    – Dawn

  • Kakahiaka

    – Morning

  • Lākana

    – Crystal

  • Aloha

    – Grace

  • Nani

    – Pretty

  • ʻAʻOhe

    – Cute

  • WaiʻI

    – Rain

  • HoʻOmaka

    – Early

  • Nani

    – Beauty

  • Awakea

    – Afternoon

  • Mau Luna

    – Princes

  • Paleke

    – Clarity

  • Kālā

    – Snow

  • Mahina

    – Moon

  • Kanaka

    – Twilight/li>

  • Awāwa

    – Valley

  • KāleʻA

    – Feather

  • Kahawai

    – River

  • Kauoha

    – Rose

  • Lilyā

    – Lily

  • Malaki

    – March

  • Iulai

    – July

  • Kahiko

    – Acacia

  • Kānaka

    – Star

  • Hālō

    – Calm

  • HoʻOmaha

    – Holiday

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Male Hawaiian Dog Names With Meanings

Here are manly words which could sound great as male Hawaiian dog names:

  • Ikaika

    – Strong

  • Koa hola

    – Warrior

  • Puka

    – Hero

  • Naita

    – Knight

  • Wāhi

    – Stone

  • ʻIliʻa

    – Thunder

  • ʻAlapa

    – Blaze

  • Polani

    – Brave

  • Kauka

    – Boss

  • Aliʻi

    – King

  • Kukuhua

    – Runner

  • Hōʻalo

    – Hunter

  • Kaikeke

    – Fighter

  • Hono

    – Beast

  • Kauika

    – Shark

  • Waoau

    – Forest

  • Kāmoa

    – Digger

  • Ka hao

    – Iron

  • Ahi

    – Fire

  • Makawai

    – Soldier

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Hawaiian Girl Dog Names

If you’re looking for a female Hawaiian dog name for your pup, you’ve come to the right place.

These names are inspired by popular Hawaiian traditions and history. They’re great for dogs from all walks of life, from hula dancers to surfers to island princesses.

  • Mahina – This is a moon goddess in Hawaiian mythology. Mahina also means “eternal” or “endless.”
  • Kihei – This name means “breeze,” so it’s perfect for your pooch if she loves the wind on her face when she goes hiking with you.
  • Lani – Lani means “heavenly,” which makes this name great for when your pup looks up at the clouds or stars while lying on her back during walks outside.
  • Puaa – This is the Hawaiian word for “flowers,” so it’s perfect for your pooch if she loves to smell them on walks or during playtime.
  • Kokua – This name means “help” or “assistance,” so it’s perfect if you want your dog to help with tasks around the house.
  • Kakau – This means “to excel or surpass,” which makes it a great name for a pup who is always trying to beat her personal best during competitions and games of fetch.
  • Kukui – This name is used to describe a tree that’s native to Hawaii and produces a nut that can be used as an oil for skin care products.
  • Hau’oli – This name means “happy” or “joyful,” so it’s perfect if your dog always has a smile on her face.
  • Nani – This name means “beautiful” in Hawaiian. It’s perfect for your sweet pup who has a beautiful face and personality.
  • Kai Kai – This name is another one that means “sea,” so it’s perfect for you if you love the beach with your dog by your side.
  • Lei – This name means “garland,” so it’s perfect for a pup who loves to wear his own lei around his neck.
  • Koa – This name is another one that means “love” in Hawaiian, so it’s fitting for the dog who has your heart from the first day you brought him home.
  • Kawaii – This name is used to describe something that’s cute or adorable, so it’s a great name for your adorable pup.
  • Kaulana – This name means “waiting” and is perfect if your dog always has his nose out of the window waiting for you to come home from work.
  • Lei Lei – This name means “pretty” in Hawaiian, so it’s perfect if your pup has a pretty face and personality.
  • Maka – This name means “strength” or “courage,” so it’s perfect if your dog is a strong and courageous canine who always stands up for what’s right.
  • Makaio – This name means “to be strong,” so it’s a great name for an even stronger pup.
  • Maoli – This name means “native Hawaiian” and is perfect if your dog was born in Hawaii or has a Hawaiian-themed personality.
  • Moana – This name means “ocean” in Hawaiian, so it’s perfect for your pup who loves the water and swimming around all day long.
  • Makena – This name means “calm,” so it’s perfect if your dog is always calm and relaxed.
  • Nehua – This name means “strong,” so it’s perfect if your pup has a strong personality and can always be counted on in a crisis.
  • Otai – This name means “friend” in Hawaiian, so it’s perfect if your dog is like a friend to you and makes your life better.
  • Makana – This name means “gift” in Hawaiian, so it’s a great name for your pup if he is the gift of your life.
  • Makua – This name means “parents” in Hawaiian and is used to describe someone who has given you strength or support.
  • Maui – This name means “to be free” and is perfect for a dog who runs around your house with wild abandon.
  • Mauna – This name means “mountain” in Hawaiian, so it’s a fitting name for your pup if he loves to climb.
  • Pono – This name means “to be right” in Hawaiian, so it’s perfect for a dog who always does the right thing.
  • Makua – This name means “parent” in Hawaiian and is used to describe someone who has given you strength or support.
  • Makaikai – This name means “to find freedom” and is perfect for a dog who loves to run around your yard or go on walks with you.
  • Koa – This name means “warrior” in Hawaiian, so it’s perfect if your pup is strong-willed and brave.
  • Mokihana – This name means “to be protected” and is great for a dog who deserves to be protected by you.
  • Manu – This name means “bird” in Hawaiian, so it’s perfect for a dog that loves to run around like one.
  • Maka – This name means “eye” in Hawaiian and is a great choice for a dog who has beautiful eyes.
  • Malama – This name means “care” in Hawaiian and is perfect for a pup that you are careful with and take good care of.

Hawaiian Boy Dog Names

Male Hawaiian dog names are taken from the islands’ rich history, culture and legends. In Hawaiian culture, the name of a dog is considered an important part of their identity. Dogs are considered members of the family and are often called by their owners’ names.

Hawaiian dogs are just as unique as their owners. They love to play and run around, but they’re also faithful and loyal companions. Your pup deserves a name that matches his personality!

If you’re looking for a name that suits your Hawaiian dog’s playful side, we’ve got some suggestions for you:

  • Aponi – brave, fearless
  • Lani – This is the Hawaiian word for “sky” and is often used as a female name. It’s perfect if your dog loves flying around the yard with his toys in his mouth!
  • Kona – This name means “grain” or “coffee” and is an appropriate name for a coffee lover like you! If your dog likes to snuggle up next to you on the couch with his favorite mug of coffee, this might be the perfect name for him!
  • Maui – This name means “emerald” and would be perfect for a sweet-natured pup who loves being around people (and other animals).
  • Aukai – This word means “surf” in Hawaiian, so it’s perfect for a brown or black Labrador retriever with a love of water sports!
  • Akamai – which means “intelligent” or “wise,” is a good name for your intelligent or wise pup.
  • Kahuna – is a male dog name that means “priest.” It’s also used to refer to a person who has knowledge or skill in an area of expertise.
  • Kimo – was one of the most famous Hawaiian kings
  • Keoni – is a traditional Hawaiian name meaning “chief” or “lord.” This is not just any lord though — he’s a leader of the pack.
  • Koa – is a type of wood that grows on the island of Hawaii, so you can use this as your pup’s name. This word means “warrior,” but it can also be used as a term of respect for someone who has done something good for the community.
  • Makua – which means “father,” is another popular Hawaiian name for males.
  • Moke – is a Hawaiian word that means “boar.” It’s also used as a nickname for boys with curly hair or dimples.
  • Kanoa – means “to be free” or “to feel free.” This is an excellent name for any pup who loves being outside — or just having fun!
  • Honu – which means “turtle,” makes an interesting choice if you’re looking to give your pooch an authentic island name.
  • Akoni – This is another word for “man.” It can also mean “to be strong,” or “big.”
  • Akua – the Hawaiian word for God, this would be an appropriate name if your dog is religious or just loves being around people who are.
  • Alii – meaning royalty, this name would be great for your pet if he thinks he’s better than everyone else!
  • Amakua – meaning guardian spirit, this is another good choice if you want something unique but simple.
  • Kaka’ako – meaning “turtle rock,” this is a fun choice that references the famous Hawaiian landmark.

Female Hawaiian Dog Names Inspired By Princesses and Queens

Hawaiian princesses and queens have historically been an important part of Hawaiian culture. They have played major roles in diplomacy, politics and even war.

In ancient Hawaii, there were many types of princesses, including those who were born into royalty, those who married royalty and those who gained their title through warfare or conquest.

Hawaiian princesses are still a part of modern Hawaiian culture, with many women choosing to use royal names for their children.

Hawaiian Dog Names Based on Prominent Locations

Hawaii is made up of 6 main islands, and each of them consists of several towns and landmarks.

Their names are also exotic and unique, which is the whole point of Hawaiian dog names. Prominent locations include:

  • Honolulu – The state’s capital is arguably the most famous name associated with the state of Hawaii, and would make for a quirky dog name.
  • Maui
  • Oahu
  • Molokai
  • Kalawao
  • Lanai
  • Niihau 

Hawaiian Dog Names Derived From Hawaiian Historical Sites

  • Pearl – in homage to Pearl Harbor
  • Waipahu – an ancient sugarcane town
  • Kailua – the key tourist and commerce town in the state, are also formidable names

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Hawaiian Local Cuisine and Dishes Can Make Great Dog Names

Hawaii is very diverse in terms of cultures and ethnicity.

Hawaiian Names

Naturally, the local cuisine is eye-catching and very delicious.

The most popular Hawaiian dishes that could be used as Hawaiian dog names include:

  • Laulau
  • Kalua
  • Poi
  • Saimin
  • Poke

Or, if you are into eccentric names, there’s:

  • Loco Moco
  • Huli Huli
  • Spam Musubi

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Hawaiian Dog Names Based on Animals Found on the Island

Hawaii is not only a wildly diverse place in terms of human and wildlife populations, but it’s also quite secluded, which means it hosts animals that can’t be found anywhere else.

Their local names are also exotic and unique:

  • Nene

    – The Hawaiian goose, also doubles up as the state bird

  • Mano

    – This is a local name for harmless sharks

  • Niuhi

    – Man-eating or tiger sharks go by the name Niuhi

  • Aeo

    – A unique bird species found in Hawaii

  • Manu Aloha

    – For parrot, or lovebird

  • Aukuu

    – Night herons

  • Pueo

    – Hawaiian owl

Dog Names From Hawaiian Language

The Hawaiian language contains a lot of words that convey love, admiration, and praise – which makes them suitable for your precious pet.

Popular words include:

  • Laki

    – Which means, you know, lucky

  • Ipo

    – Sweetheart

  • Aloha

    – Hello

  • Paniolo

    – Cowboy

  • Hoku

    – Star

  • Nohea

    – Cute or handsome

  • Ailani

    – High Chief, ideal for male dogs

  • Noelani

    – Heavenly girl, ideal for female dogs

  • Roselani

    – Rose, also ideal for female dogs

  • Amana

    – Brave, or warrior

  • Etana

    – Powerful or strong

  • Kaipo

    – Sweetheart/lover

  • Kapena

    – Captain

  • Polupolu

    – Chubby

  • Meli

    – Honey

  • Kona

    – Lady

  • Hale

    – healthy

  • Luau

– Party

  • Mahalo

    – Thank you

  • Wiwi

    – Thin or slightly, skinny

  • Weuweu

    – Fluffy

  • Pilikea

    – Stubborn

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Basic Dog Naming Tips

While there are no universal or traditional rules for naming dogs, a two-syllable name is often recommended.

This is mainly because dogs are intrinsically simplistic beings, and are much better placed to learn, and internalize two-syllable names better than one or three-syllable ones.

Nonetheless, you can still give your dog any name you wish, however long it is.

The key to teaching your dog his new name is to adopt a positive reinforcement program where you give him treats and praises whenever he responds positively to the given name.

Notably, it is advisable to pick a name that resonates well with you and your immediate family members, and one that you can confidently say in public.

Moreover, avoid names that are too close to the words you are likely to use during training.

For instance, a small puppy would confuse Sid with sit.

Here is the deal…Choosing a pet name shouldn’t be as hard as most people think. By following our Hawaiian dog names guide, you will be able to settle on a name without much hustle!

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