German Dog Names

The fact that you are here, looking for German dog names, means either you are looking to name a German breed, or you want your dog to have a name that is unique and different. The single most important word that every dog will learn is its name. The name you choose for your dog should not confuse with the basic commands like sit, stay, stand, come and go. Dog trainers and experts believe that short names work better. They suggest short dog names of one or two syllables. It would be easier to shout out short names.

Germany has a proud history of being a breeding ground for some of world’s most remarkable dogs. There are over thirty German dog breeds. The well known breeds are:

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German Shepherd

German Shepherd, commonly known as Alsatian, is a well known German breed. German Shepherd is known for its intelligence and is used in search and rescue operations and in police and defense duties.

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Great Dane

Great Dane, also known as Danish Hound, Deutsche Dogg or Grand Danois, was originally used to hunt wild boar. It has been recognized as the national dog of Germany since 1876. Great Dane is a large, gentle companion that gets along with children and other dogs and can adapt to apartment living. It has a very short coat requiring very little care.

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Rottweiler is a popular breed across the world. It originated in the German town of Rottweil and used for herding cattle. Rottweiler also known as Butcher’s dog is a highly alert dog and makes for a good watch dog. It is fairly easy to train and can adapt to apartment life.

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Hovawart is another highly alert German breed that can be a good watch dog. In the early days, it was used for guarding estates. Its thick coat required regular brushing.

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Leonberger was first created in the German town of Leonberg and owned only by the royalty and the aristocrats. They were used to guard property, farms and livestock. Nowadays, they are kept as pets and make good companions.

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When it comes to German dog names, like in the naming of their kids, dog lovers seem to have a fancy for English names. There are very few pure German names. Here is a list of top names:

  • Alfonso – noble and ready
  • Albrecht  – bright nobility
  • Aldo – old
  • Alphonse – noble and ready
  • Arndt – eagle power
  • Arnwald – eagle power
  • Aurel – golden
  • Benedict – blessed
  • Bernhard – bold as a bear
  • Berhtram – bright raven
  • Carl – man
  • Claus – victor of the people
  • Conrad – bold counsel
  • Dierk – king of nations
  • Diederick – king of nations
  • Edel – father
  • Faramund – journey protection
  • Fester – from the forest
  • Florenz – blossoming
  • Frideric – peaceful ruler
  • Fritz – peaceful ruler
  • Gottfried – God’s peace
  • Gunter – soldier or warrior
  • Haimirich – home ruler
  • Hamprecht – bright home
  • Hartwig – strong battle
  • Hermann – army man
  • Hinrich – home ruler
  • Hugubert – bright heart mind and soul
  • Johan – God is gracious
  • Kaiser – severed
  • Kasper – treasure bearer
  • Klaus – victor of the people
  • Lanzo – land
  • Leon – lion
  • Leonhard – lion-strong
  • Leudbold – people-bold
  • Mann – man
  • Mathis – gift of god
  • Meino – might strength
  • Mertin – like mars
  • Moritz – dark-skinned
  • Odo – wealthy
  • Otto – wealthy
  • Pankraz – all power
  • Philipp – lover of horses
  • Philo – to love
  • Poldie – people-bold
  • Rafael – healed
  • Rienmund – wise protector
  • Rolf – wolf
  • Rudolph – famous wolf
  • Siegfrid – victory-peace
  • Sigmund – victory
  • Stefan – crown
  • Theodoric – first of the people
  • Tielo – people race
  • Tillo – people race
  • Udo – child
  • Ulrich – prosperity and power
  • Valentin – healthy strong
  • Volker – people’s army
  • Waldo – bright ruler
  • Walther – ruler of the army
  • Wendel – wanderer
  • Wilhelm – will-helmet
  • Wolfgang – wolf path
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