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  • Tough dog names

    150+ Most Badass Dog Names for Tough Male and Female Dogs

    Badass dog names are generally reserved for the large breeds of dogs who’s stature and nature allows them to wear tough dog names and pull it off with ease. In this article you will find badass names for dogs in several different categories suited for guard dogs, hunting dogs, police dogs, etc., both for tough […] More

  • Spanish Dog Names

    Spanish Dog Names – 120+ Unique Spanish Names

    Spanish names are charismatic, cool, romantic, funny, strong, beautiful… all in all Spanish dog names sound great, your dog will love it and people will love it. Spanish dog names are very catchy and are generally easy to pronounce, and are very easy for a dog to get used to it. Spanish Names For Dogs […] More

  • Black Dog Names

    130+ Black Dog Names – Ultimate Names For Black Dogs

    Searching for Black Dog Names? Explore these tough and funny names for black dogs that will perfectly suit your black male dog or your black female pup. When you have a new black dog, it is a good idea to give him a name that has to do with his color. There are names for […] More

  • Famous Dog Names

    110+ Famous Dog Names From Movies and Literature, History to Famous People

    Famous dog names are a great source of inspiration for anyone who has chosen to open the door to and embrace happiness – after all, “happiness is a warm puppy”, as “Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz described it. If you’re the proud parent of a new pup and you’re looking for pawesome dog names ideas, we […] More

  • Car Dog Names

    Car Names For Dogs – 255 Car Themed Dog Names

    Car names are usually unique and very catchy. Therefore car dog names will sound great for your new puppy. There are so many fun, cool and badass car related names for dogs to choose from you are sure to find the one. Car Dog Names Let’s begin with some of the standard car names from […] More

  • Coffee Dog Names

    60+ Coffee Names For Dogs

    Mr. Coffee Mrs. Coffee Cappuccino Affogato Cortado Ristretto Macchiato Americano Latte Dogpresso Espresso Mocha Galao Lungo Doppio Corretto Krups Keurig Nespresso Bonavita Bunn Capresso Breville Arabica Robusta Liberica Cubano Zorro Guillermo Nitro Pharisee Barraquito Carajillo Melya Espressino Marocchino Borgia Medici Vienna Palazzo Shakerato Freddo Folger Nescafé Moccona Pocillo Excelsa Matcha Melange Frappuccino Starbuck Devocion Maquina […] More

  • Wheaten Terrier

    Irish Dog Breeds

    The beautiful Emerald Isle is home to some of the most devoted and fun loving dog breeds. A little background on the most popular Irish dog breeds would lead us to an useful discussion on the Irish dog names. Wheaten Terrier The Wheaten Terrier is the largest of the true terrier breed of dogs. It […] More

  • Irish Dog Names

    Irish Dog Names – 200+ Irish Names for Dogs

    Get the Luck of the Irish With These Fun Irish Dog Names. Are you struggling to find a name that captures your new dog’s personality or looks? Perhaps a name from Ireland’s rich history, iconic locations, and captivating folklore can provide you with the inspiration you need. Don’t worry – your new furry friend doesn’t […] More

  • Female Dog Names

    Female Dog Names – 190+ Girl Dog Names

    Girl Dog Names for big girls, for small ladies, tough girl dog names, mythical names, nerdy names, you name it we got it all. Female Dog Names When it comes to selection of female dog names, try keeping it sweet and short. Formal names for male dogs are fine but when you have a female […] More

  • Dachshund


    Physical Traits There are three varieties of dachshund coats: smooth coat, long haired and wire-haired. The wire-haired is the least common of the varieties and the most recent to be recognized. The coat can be single-colored, such as the dominant red. But even a dominant color can have variety, such as shades of red from […] More

  • Names for white dogs

    100+ Perfect Names For White Dogs – White Dog Names 2021

    White dog names for male and female, big or tiny dogs – Whether you like small or large dogs, white dogs are special and stunning. From fluffy to short-haired, these beauties will steal your heart. But finding the perfect name for your furry companion can feel overwhelming. Do you pick based on their personality, their […] More

  • Husky dog names

    Husky Dog Names – Over 130 Husky Names To Choose From

    Husky Names – Finding a perfect name for your Siberian Husky is not easy. We have made this Husky dog names list so you can get an idea how to call your new Husky. Remember the excitement that goes into finding a name and naming your child. The same excitement should go into naming your […] More

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