103 Boy Dog Names That Start With B

A dog with a nice B name definitely behaves the same way and this is actually one of the reasons why some people will always try as much as possible to see to it that, they give their dogs the best B names ever.

As a matter of fact, it is a common thing to find a lot of male dogs possessing wonderful names starting with B. But the thing is that, it is highly appropriate to always see to it that, the right B name is given to a dog and not very cruel and weird names as these kinds of names can have an effect on the dog.

Most male dogs are often very active with an active boy dog name and also very dull with dull name. It is therefore good that, only active and wonderful boy dog names that start with B are given to dogs so that they may behave accordingly. This is the general rule for most of these dogs and as such this is necessary.

Boy Dog Names That Start With B

Here are the best male dog names starting with b and meanings for your male puppy or puppies.

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Boy Dog Names That Start With B

    1. Baba – Is that a cuddly small dog? This name would surely give a baby impression to it.
    2. Babe – A dog having this name is definitely a pampered pet.
    3. Bacchus – The god of wine Bacchus would best fit your chubby and lazy dog.
    4. Bacon – Well, if your dog is healthy breed, then this name would be his favorite food.
    5. Bailey – Oh yeah, haven’t heard of this beverage? This is one cool name for that fashionable dog of yours.
    6. Baja – If you feel like your dog would love going to the beach, then is a splendid name!
    7. Baldy – well, you can put irony to a dogs name. Actually, he may be one furry dog!
    8. Baltazaar – If he’s quite a skillful dog, this name definitely sounds like a magician’s name!
    9. Balto – the ever famous sledge dog! An excellent name for a Siberian husky!
    10. Bama – Well, it definitely sounds cuddly for toy dog!
    11. Bambam – it’s the Flintstones! Bringing alive a famous cartoon character as a dog’s name!
    12. Bambino – This boy dog name that start with b is good choice for a affectionate baby dog! It’s definitely a male.
    13. Bandit – Does this dog always snatch a thing or two in your house? This is the name for him!
    14. Banjo – A music instrument for male dog is not such a bad idea. This gives a cool feel.
    15. Banner – Is your dog a very playful one? Have this as its name for a leader attitude.
    16. Barker – You mentioned it! If he barks that often, this name is best for a watch dog.
    17. Barkclay – Does this name sounds familiar? Indeed, nobody would not know that classic NBA superstar.
    18. Barney – A name for everybody’s friend! Children would come to love this dog.
    19. Baron – A sharp name for a dog with high intelligence. Care to play fetch with Baron?
    20. Barry – Of course, a famous singer for a dog’s name surely attracts people.
    21. Bart – the classic cartoon character that everybody knows of, Bart Simpson!
    22. Basil – Are you a chef? Well, a dog by this would be a good assistant and a playmate.
    23. Baxter – This is quite a heavy name for a sturdy guard dog.
    24. Bean – Hey! If you think your dog got humor, why not name him Mr. Bean?
    25. Beasley – An american professional basketball? Oh come on! This boy dog name that start with b is too good.
    26. Beavis – The classic and humorous cartoon character, Beavis! Well, where’s his partner?
    27. Beck – If this dog got what it take to have the name of a famous musician, then why not?
    28. Beeper – It’s time to for your wake up call! This dog surely has a loud bark, wouldn’t he?
    29. Beethoven – Are you kidding? This sure is a name of a famous St. Bernard breed.
    30. Bellamy – A football star? A musician? Or an anime villain? Well, this is one unique name for a male dog.
    31. Ben – A cartoon character that kids would love! This dog would be a child’s best bud.
    32. Benji – Perhaps you’ve known a friend by this name? well, benji is a neat name for a dog.
    33. Bennett – You might have known a family name by this. Here’s a family dog for you!
    34. Bentley – A famous motorcycle manufacturer company for a dog name? That’s just awesome.
    35. Bernardo – A well known fashion firm. A dog by this name is exceedingly popular.
    36. Bernie – Indeed, an neat name for a handsome dog.
    37. Bevo – The name of the mascot of the sports teams at the University of Texas at Austin. It quite cool, isn’t it?
    38. Bidwell – You can see it by this name that this dog is an independent breed. Care to do business?
    39. Biffy – Here’s a scottish rockband for you! Don’t have it mistaken for beef!
    40. Bijou – Naruto Fans? Here’s a cool name for your dog if you know what this
      name means.
    41. Biker – Do you want to take a ride? A very sporty name for an active dog.
    42. Biko – Well, it’s a favorable dessert of rice cake with caramel toppings. A sweet name for a dog.
    43. Bilbo – Bilbo Baggins? A character from the movie Lord of the rings. A fascinating boy dog name that start with b.
    44. Billie – Like most naughty boys are called. This is one name for that naughty dog of yours!
    45. Bingo – Bingo! The ever famous nursery rhyme that kids would never forget.
    46. Binx – A high-end name for a popular dog breed. This name sounds cool, doesn’t it?
    47. Bishop – Could have meant for a chess piece? A very intriguing name for a dog.
    48. Bistro – A very techy name for that high fashioned dog. It should be a popular breed.
    49. Bizzy – A fashionable name for toy dog. It would be definitely a male for that buzzing sound.
    50. Blade – A cool and aggressive name for a guard dog! Intruders, you better watch out!
    51. Blake – An old English name for a hound dog. It brings out the hunter in him!
    52. Bob – Everybody would recognize this name. It’s your friendly neighbor, Bob!

Male Dog Names That Start With B

Male Dog Names That Start With B

  1. Bocelli – An famous Italian Tenor. Music is the background of a dog by this name.
  2. Bodie – A ghost town in California? Well, this should be a very intimidating guard dog.
  3. Bogey – Well, this name may refer to Boogeyman which is superstitious monster. It would be fun if a small dog has this name!
  4. Bogus – Here’s a name for a one mischievous dog!
  5. Boing – A simple imitation of bouncing sound. Boing is for a chubby and cuddly dog!
  6. Bojo – A very fun name for a hyperactive dog! It sounds cool, doesn’t it?
  7. Bolo – Well, a cutting knife for a dog name? This sure is a tough dog.
  8. Bomber – This is one aggressive dog name or this might have been the opposite?
  9. Bond – The name is Bond, James Bond? Isn’t this a cool name for your dog?
  10. Bongo – A rhythmic instrument for a dog name is not that bad. The owner is definitely a musician.
  11. Bonkers – This means crazy! If you think your dog do funny stuff, then here is his name!
  12. Bono – Are you a U2 Fan? The lead singer of the famous band, Bono!
  13. Boogie – Does this dog has a waggling tail? Let’s call this dog Boogie!
  14. Bookie – This could be name for an intelligent dog. Or could he just be very playful with books?
  15. Booker– Here comes Booker T! this male dog name that start with b reminds wresting fans of a famous wrestler.
  16. Boomer – Boomerang? An excellent B name for a dog who is very skillful in frisbee or fetching games.
  17. Boots – Do think that Puss in Boots is only for cats? Well, here is the Pup in boots version!
  18. Bopper – Does your dog loves to make kissy faces? Here is the name for him!
  19. Boris – A very manly name for a dog. I bet this one is a guard dog.
  20. Boss – Who do think are you barking to? A splendid name for a leader type dog.
  21. Bowie/Bowee – A Cute B name for that miniature dog. He sure barks a lot!
  22. Boxcar – this name may refer to a band or the literal covered wagon. Either choice, a boxer breed should fit this name.
  23. Boz – Hey! It’s the green bear next door! Kids would definitely love this name.
  24. Brady – As in Tom Brady? An American football quarterback is sure a tough dog name.
  25. Branson – Ladies, I would like you to meet Branson. A neat name for a handsome and proud dog.
  26. Brat – Another mischievous name for a hyperactive dog that can’t get enough fun!
  27. Brent – Perhaps you have known a friend by this name? you’ll surprise him if a dog
    has his name.
  28. Brew – A cool name for a dog that loves to sit on a couch. Have you though of a breed like this?
  29. Briggs – A character from the famous anime Full metal Alchemist!
  30. Bruce – Bruce Lee? Or Bruce Willis? Any of these two are sure famous identities.
  31. Bruno – Are a Bruno mars fan? Well, this dog is very lucky to have this name.
  32. Brutus – A roman politician that was well-known for his speech. This is a splendid dog name!
  33. Bubby – A very cuddly name for a big dog! This dog definitely eats a lot!
  34. Buck – This could be anyone! One thing is for sure, this name has a manly impression.
  35. Buckeye – A college football team as dog name is one dashing name.
  36. Bucko – A boy dog name start with b for a gentle and polite dog who treats guests equally. A very neat name.
  37. Buckshot – A shotgun shell for a dog name? This is one ferocious dog. Intruders? Don’t even think about it.
  38. Bud – Here is the happy-go-lucky name for your dog!
  39. Buddy – Well, this name says it all. This dog is your number one side-kick!
  40. Budster – If your dog seems to get well together with other dogs, this name sure describes his attitude!
  41. Bugg – Do you think this one is a harmless boy dog name that begins with b? think twice! This is one tough dog name for a big dog.
  42. Buggsy – Here is the name that would remind kids of the famous rabbit, Bugs Bunny!
  43. Bullet – You think your dog got the speed? Let him have this name so that everyone should know his skill.
  44. Bum – A very lazy name for couch potato dog!
  45. Bumbles – Have this funky name for your dog and people would be impressed!
  46. Bumper – You think your dog is got a defensive attitude? Here is the name that best suits him!
  47. Burton – A neat boy dog name that start with b for a well-groomed dog. Surely, Burton is a gentleman’s name.
  48. Buster – Does your dog scares away intruders? Well, Buster is cool name for a guard dog!
  49. Butch – An well-known name that gives a manly impression. This is definitely another big dog!
  50. Buzz – Never fear, Buzz Lightyear is here! A remarkable Toy Story character that kids would love.
  51. Byte – When this dog bytes, it megahertz! Techies would definitely get the humor of this name!

More Boy Dog Names

You can find many, many more male dog names on Dog Name Hero.  Try our unique dog names for a unique touch. Or you can take a look at tough dog names for stronger variants. If all fails, you can always generate a nice boy dog name using our dog name generator.

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