English Bulldog

English Bulldog

Please know that the recipe to raising a laid back English bulldog from a puppy comes with work and not rough housing them.

When a baby is born, they have to be trained to become the adult they have the potential to become, the same goes with an English bulldog puppy.

Your puppy will become the bulldog you train him or her to become.

If you leave your puppy all day long and never spend quality time with him or her, the puppy will be withdrawn most likely.

If you spend adequate amounts of time with your English bulldog puppy and train him to be obedient and train the puppy to potty outside, you will have a wonderful pet and companion, not to mention most likely the best friend you will ever know.

Yes, an English bulldog puppy brings lots of work, but also and English bulldog puppy brings lots of joy, smiles and friendship.

Love your puppy and treat him well and he will love you back and you will then most likely have a LAID BACK English Bulldog puppy.

English Bulldog

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English Bulldog Collar or Harness

Do NOT put a collar on your bulldogs, use a harness, we have seen a lot of nasty looking sores on bulldogs where people used collars and their bulldog sweated and it caused ugly sores.

Bulldogs skin is delicate and I don’t recommend collars.

English Bulldog Feeding

Be careful what you let your bulldog chew on, a bulldog puppy can choke easily.

When we first started raising Bulldogs, I made many mistakes and one was not cutting chicken up in small enough pieces and our bulldog nearly choked to death.

Make sure you cut the food up, like jerky and chicken.

Also big pieces of bread is another food bulldogs choke on easily.

We do not feed our bulldogs table scraps often, but yes there are times when we treat our bulldogs with something very special and our bulldogs LOVE chicken.

English Bulldog Cherry Eye

Another problem that some people have with their English Bulldog puppies is Cherry Eye, is very common in English bulldogs, if you let your English Bulldog Puppy, play with another dog, it will have an unusually high risk of the other dog or puppy’s toenails scratching the bulldogs third eyelid, which can infect and cause cherry eye.

If you notice your bulldog puppy rubbing his eye, immediately get “liquid tears” and use it for lubrication until you can get your “baby” to the vet for antibiotic ointment.

Doing this immediately could eliminate the need for surgery.

English Bulldog Home Preparations

When you bring your English puppy home, puppy proof your house, just like you would do with a 2 year old child.

Your English bulldog puppy will want to chew on things, he is teething.

Some things to buy to prepare for your new English bulldog puppy are:

  • Make sure you know what kind of food the breeder feeds and have that ready.
  • Kaeopectate just in case your bulldog puppy gets an upset stomach from all the new changes in his/her life. Yes, sometimes English bulldog puppies can get a nervous stomach right after coming home.
  • ┬áThis is just my opinion, but I suggest a crate for giving your new bulldog puppy his/her own space. However please don’t leave them in the crate for long periods of time, it really causes a lot of stress on a bulldog to leave them pinned up for long amounts of time and can even cause health problems with their skin. I do suggest using a crate to potty train a bulldog puppy, but make sure you play with him/her and spend more time with your new bulldog puppy than you do leaving him/her in their crate.
  • Food and water bowls that are raised up. You can find out more on the internet or researching about this, but it is unhealthy to leave bulldogs food/water bowls on the floor or ground, lifting them makes for a healthier/happier bulldog. If you don’t raise the bowls, you run the risk of something called bloat happening to your new bulldog puppy and adult.
  • Harness. Make sure you get a good harness that fits your bulldog puppy, not too snug and not to loose.
  • Leashes are good for bulldog puppies to learn to walk on even in if you live out in the country on 50 acres of land where the puppy can run and play without a leash. It is always helpful to leash train your new English bulldog puppy just in case, you might take him/her to the park or on vacation or anywhere in public areas.
  • Toys. One thing that helps your new English bulldog puppy get adjusted to life at your home is to play with him/her. Toys work well to get them used to you and your family. Talk to your new English bulldog puppy and assure him/her you love him just as you would a baby.

English Bulldog

Potty Training Your English Bulldog Puppy

As far as potty training, we recommend you crate train, there are many good books out there on that, but the key to training your English bulldog puppies to potty they way he/she should in my opinion is consistancy with every time your English bulldog puppies eat or drink going to the area you want them to use to potty and then when your puppy gets up from a nap.

Another key to teaching your English Bulldog puppies to potty is watching the puppy closely as he/she roams the house when they are out of their crates.

We tell everyone that crate training is excellent for teaching your bulldog to potty outside or inside and it is the method we use, however you must be consistant for it to work!


Your bulldog puppy must be taken out of the crate frequently and worked with to learn to go potty outside or on the paper.

It must be a consistant process in order for your English bulldog puppy to learn to potty the way you want him to.

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