117 Ultimate Greek God and Goddess Names For Dogs

Dog Names Inspired by Greek Gods and Goddesses
Dog Names Inspired by Greek Gods and Goddesses

Greek god names for male dogs and Greek goddess names for female dogs are perfect for dogs that are powerful, beautiful and sometimes even mischievous.

Greek mythology is an endless source of inspiration for many aspects of our lives, including naming our beloved canine companions. The gods and heroes of ancient Greece were known for their incredible strength, wisdom, and courage – qualities that many dog owners would love to see in their furry friends.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of Greek god names for dogs, along with their meanings, to help you find the perfect legendary moniker for your pup.

Whether your dog is strong and brave like Ares or gentle and nurturing like Demeter, there’s a god or goddess name out there that’s just right for them.

Greek God Names for Dogs
Greek God Names for Dogs

Greek God Names for Dogs

Here are some popular Greek god names for dogs perfect for male dogs, along with a brief description of their roles in mythology:

  1. Zeus: As the king of the gods, Zeus is a mighty and powerful name for a strong and confident dog. Known for his control over the sky and thunder, a dog named Zeus is sure to make a statement.
  2. Apollo: The god of the sun, music, and poetry, Apollo represents light, warmth, and creativity. This name is perfect for a dog who brings joy and light into your life.
  3. Ares: Ares, the god of war, is a fierce and fearless name for a brave and protective dog. If your pup is always ready to defend his territory, Ares might be the perfect name.
  4. Hades: As the god of the underworld, Hades has a mysterious and dark aura. This name is suitable for a dog with a strong presence and a bit of a mysterious side.
  5. Poseidon: The god of the sea, Poseidon is a powerful and commanding name for a dog who loves the water or has a strong connection to the ocean.
  6. Hermes: As the messenger of the gods, Hermes is known for his speed and agility. This name is perfect for a dog who is quick on his feet and always ready for an adventure.
  7. Dionysus: The god of wine and festivities, Dionysus represents celebration and indulgence. This name is great for a fun-loving dog who enjoys being the life of the party.
  8. Aeolus: As the god of the winds, Aeolus represents power, movement, and change. A dog named Aeolus might be energetic, adaptable, and always on the go, bringing a gust of excitement to your life.
  9. Aether: God of the upper air and light, Aether represents clarity, brightness, and purity. A dog named Aether might be elegant, graceful, and have a radiant presence that lights up any room.
  10. Aristaeus: As the god of various agricultural pursuits and hunting, Aristaeus represents resourcefulness, hard work, and connection to nature. A dog named Aristaeus might be skilled, intelligent, and enjoy outdoor activities, making them the perfect companion for nature lovers.
  11. Asopus: As a river god, Asopus represents flow, adaptability, and life-giving energy. A dog named Asopus might be calm, adaptable, and bring positive energy to your life, always ready to go with the flow.
  12. Astraeus: Titan god of the dusk, stars, and planets, Astraeus represents the beauty and mystery of the cosmos. A dog named Astraeus might be curious, intelligent, and have a sense of wonder, always eager to explore the world around them.
  13. Bia: As the god of force and power, Bia represents strength, determination, and resilience. A dog named Bia might be strong-willed, courageous, and protective, making them a loyal and steadfast companion.
  14. Crius: Titan god of the constellations, Crius represents guidance, navigation, and the vastness of the universe. A dog named Crius might be wise, intuitive, and have a strong sense of direction, always ready to help you navigate life’s challenges.
  15. Deimos: As the god of terror, Deimos represents fearlessness, courage, and strength in the face of danger. A dog named Deimos might be brave, protective, and have a strong presence, making them the perfect guardian for your home and family.
  16. Epimetheus: Titan god of afterthought and excuses, Epimetheus represents learning from mistakes and embracing imperfections. A dog named Epimetheus might be forgiving, patient, and always eager to learn, reminding you that it’s never too late to grow and change.
  17. Eros (Cupid): As the god of love and attraction, Eros represents passion, desire, and affection. A dog named Eros might be loving, loyal, and have a magnetic personality that draws people in, making them the perfect companion for social butterflies.
  18. Erebus: God of darkness and shadows, Erebus represents mystery, depth, and the unknown. A dog named Erebus might be enigmatic, intriguing, and have a strong presence, always keeping you on your toes and inspiring your curiosity.
  19. Eurus: As the god of the east wind, Eurus represents new beginnings, change, and growth. A dog named Eurus might be adaptable, eager to learn, and always ready for new adventures, making them the perfect companion for those who love to explore.
  20. Glaucus: A sea god who helped sailors in distress, Glaucus represents protection, guidance, and support. A dog named Glaucus might be loyal, dependable, and always there for you in times of need, providing a comforting presence in your life.
  21. Hephaestus: As the god of fire, metalworking, and craftsmanship, Hephaestus represents creativity, skill, and dedication. A dog named Hephaestus might be talented, hardworking, and take pride in their abilities, inspiring you to pursue your own passions and interests.
  22. Hypnos: God of sleep, Hypnos represents relaxation, tranquility, and peace. A dog named Hypnos might be calm, gentle, and have a soothing presence, helping you find rest and relaxation after a long day.
  23. Iapetus: Titan god of mortal life, Iapetus represents the human experience, growth, and wisdom. A dog named Iapetus might be empathetic, understanding, and have a strong connection to their human family, reminding you of the importance of love and connection.
  24. Melqart: As a god of the underworld and protector of sailors, Melqart represents strength, courage, and protection. A dog named Melqart might be brave, loyal, and always ready to stand by your side, providing a sense of security and comfort.
  25. Morpheus: God of dreams, Morpheus represents imagination, creativity, and the power of the subconscious mind. A dog named Morpheus might be intuitive, insightful, and have a vivid imagination, inspiring you to dream big and explore your own creativity.
  26. Nereus: As the “Old Man of the Sea,” Nereus represents wisdom, experience, and the depths of the ocean. A wise and patient male dog, Nereus embodies the beauty and mystery of the sea, making him a great companion for nature lovers.
  27. Notus: God of the south wind, Notus represents warmth, comfort, and the approach of summer. A warm and energetic male dog, Notus brings joy and comfort, reflecting the invigorating qualities of a warm breeze.
  28. Ouranos: Primordial god of the sky, Ouranos represents vastness, freedom, and limitless potential. An adventurous and independent male dog, Ouranos inspires you to reach for the stars with his regal and majestic presence.
  29. Palaemon: As a sea god who protected sailors, Palaemon represents safety, guidance, and support. A loyal and dependable male dog, Palaemon provides security and comfort while enjoying water-related activities.
  30. Phosphorus: God of the morning star (Venus), Phosphorus represents light, hope, and the promise of a new day. An optimistic and cheerful male dog, Phosphorus brightens your day, symbolizing hope and resilience.
  31. Plutus: As the god of wealth, Plutus represents abundance, prosperity, and good fortune. A symbol of luck and happiness, Plutus is a regal and dignified male dog that reminds you to appreciate life’s blessings.
  32. Pontus: Primordial god of the sea, Pontus represents the depths, power, and beauty of the ocean. A majestic and awe-inspiring male dog, Pontus connects with nature and embodies the tranquil qualities of the ocean.
  33. Priapus: God of fertility and protector of gardens, Priapus represents growth, abundance, and the nurturing aspects of nature. An energetic and lively male dog, Priapus enjoys the outdoors and brings good fortune and prosperity to your household.
  34. Proteus: As a sea god who could change his shape, Proteus represents adaptability, transformation, and the power of change. A versatile and resilient male dog, Proteus thrives on change and adventure, adapting to any environment with ease.
  35. Silenus: God of winemaking and drunkenness, and companion of Dionysus, Silenus represents celebration, indulgence, and the joys of life. A fun-loving and sociable male dog, Silenus enjoys celebrations and reminds you to appreciate life’s simple pleasures.
  36. Uranus: Uranus: Primordial god of the sky and father of the Titans, Uranus represents vastness, power, and the boundless expanse of the heavens. A strong and regal male dog, Uranus commands presence and inspires exploration of the universe’s limitless possibilities.
  37. Zagreus: An ancient god of hunting and rebirth, sometimes associated with Dionysus, Zagreus represents renewal, transformation, and the cycle of life. A resilient and adaptable male dog, Zagreus embraces new beginnings and embodies the spirit of the hunt.
  38. Atlas: Titan god who held up the sky; a strong and sturdy name for a dog with great endurance.
  39. Autolycus: God of trickery and thievery, known for his cunning and cleverness; a fitting name for a sly and intelligent dog.
  40. Boreas: God of the north wind, known for his cold and powerful gusts; a suitable name for a dog who loves cold weather or has a strong presence.
  41. Cronus: Titan god of time and father of Zeus; a timeless and classic name for a dog with an air of wisdom and authority.
  42. Dolos: God of deception and trickery; a fitting name for a mischievous and clever dog.
  43. Helios: God of the sun, known for his daily journey across the sky; a radiant and warm name for a dog who brings light and energy to your life.
  44. Hyperion: Titan god of heavenly light; a name that represents brightness and illumination, great for a dog who lights up your life.
  45. Kratos: God of strength and power; a strong and mighty name for a dog with a powerful presence.
  46. Momus: God of satire, mockery, and blame; a playful and witty name for a dog with a humorous and spirited personality.
  47. Oceanus: Titan god of the great earth-encircling river; a name that represents vastness and depth, perfect for a dog with a profound and mysterious nature.
  48. Pan: God of the wild, shepherds, and flocks; a fitting name for a dog who loves the outdoors and has a wild, untamed spirit.
  49. Prometheus: Titan god who created humans and stole fire from the gods to give to mankind; a name that represents creativity and rebellion, great for a dog with a strong and independent spirit.
  50. Tartarus: Primordial god of the abyss; a dark and mysterious name for a dog with a deep and enigmatic presence.
  51. Thanatos: God of non-violent death; a name that represents a peaceful and gentle nature, perfect for a dog with a calm and serene demeanor.
  52. Triton: Messenger of the sea, son of Poseidon; a name that represents the ocean’s power and depth, great for a dog who loves water or has a strong connection to the sea.
  53. Typhon: God of monsters, storms, and chaos; a powerful and fearsome name for a dog with a wild and untamed spirit.
  54. Zephyrus: God of the west wind, known for his gentle and warm breezes; a name that represents softness and warmth, perfect for a dog with a gentle and loving nature.
  55. Zelus: God of zeal and rivalry; a fitting name for a dog with a competitive and spirited personality.
  56. Phobos: God of fear, son of Ares and Aphrodite; a name that represents courage and bravery, perfect for a dog who faces challenges head-on.
  57. Anemoi: Collective name for the gods of the winds, including Boreas, Notus, Eurus, and Zephyrus; a name that represents the power and force of nature, great for a dog with a strong presence and connection to the elements.

Remember that Greek mythology is filled with countless gods, demi-gods, heroes, and creatures, so this list is not exhaustive. When choosing a name for your male dog, consider his personality and characteristics, and select a name that reflects his unique qualities.

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Greek Goddess Names for Dogs
Greek Goddess Names for Dogs

Greek Goddess Names for Dogs

Here are some popular Greek goddess names for dogs, along with a brief description of their roles in mythology:

  1. Aphrodite – Goddess of love and beauty, perfect for a loving and beautiful dog.
  2. Artemis – Greek Goddess of the hunt and wilderness, suitable for a hunting or outdoor-loving dog.
  3. Athena – Goddess of wisdom and warfare, ideal for an intelligent and protective dog.
  4. Demeter – Goddess of agriculture and harvest, fitting for a dog that loves the outdoors and fields.
  5. Hera – Queen of the gods, goddess of marriage and family, great for a family-oriented dog.
  6. Hestia – Goddess of the hearth and home, suited for a home-loving and comforting dog.
  7. Persephone – Goddess of spring and queen of the underworld, good for a dog with a dual nature or a love for both indoors and outdoors.
  8. Nyx – Goddess of the night, perfect for a dog with a dark coat or a love for nighttime walks.
  9. Eos – Greek Goddess of the dawn, suitable for a dog that enjoys early morning walks and playtime.
  10. Iris – Goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods, fitting for a colorful and energetic dog.
  11. Hebe – Goddess of youth, ideal for a playful and youthful dog.
  12. Selene – Goddess of the moon, great for a dog with a love for nighttime or a silvery coat.
  13. Thalassa – Greek Goddess of the sea, suited for a dog that loves water and swimming.
  14. Gaia – Goddess of the earth, perfect for a dog that enjoys digging and exploring nature.
  15. Nemesis – Goddess of revenge, fitting for a protective and loyal dog.
  16. Eris – Goddess of strife and discord, suitable for a mischievous and spirited dog.
  17. Nike – Goddess of victory, ideal for a competitive and accomplished dog in sports or obedience.
  18. Tyche – Goddess of fortune and luck, great for a dog that brings good fortune and happiness to its family.
  19. Themis – Goddess of justice and order, perfect for a dog with a strong sense of right and wrong.
  20. Ananke – Goddess of inevitability and fate, fitting for a dog with a strong and determined personality.
  21. Eileithyia – Goddess of childbirth, suitable for a nurturing and motherly dog.
  22. Alectrona – Greek Goddess of the morning and waking up, ideal for a dog that loves to rise early and start the day.
  23. Astraea – Goddess of innocence and purity, great for a gentle and pure-hearted dog.
  24. Amphitrite – Goddess of the sea and wife of Poseidon, suited for a water-loving and regal dog.
  25. Eurynome – Goddess of meadows and pastures, perfect for a dog that enjoys running and playing in open fields.
  26. Harmonia – Goddess of harmony and concord, fitting for a dog that brings peace and balance to its family.
  27. Metis – Goddess of wisdom and mother of Athena, suitable for an intelligent and wise dog.
  28. Rhea – Mother of the Olympian gods and goddesses, ideal for a motherly and nurturing dog.
  29. Tethys – Goddess of the rivers and mother of the Oceanids, great for a dog that loves swimming and playing near water.
  30. Hecate – Goddess of magic, witchcraft, and the crossroads, perfect for a mysterious and enchanting dog.
  31. Dione – Titaness of the oracle and mother of Aphrodite, fitting for a dog with a strong intuition and beauty.
  32. Phoebe – Titaness of intellect and prophecy, suitable for a smart and insightful dog.
  33. Theia – Titaness of sight and light, ideal for a dog with a bright personality and keen senses.
  34. Mnemosyne – Titaness of memory and mother of the Muses, great for a dog with a strong memory and connection to the arts.
  35. Tethys – Titaness of fresh water, suited for a dog that enjoys playing in lakes, rivers, and streams.
  36. Themis – Titaness of divine law and order, perfect for a dog with a strong sense of duty and loyalty.
  37. Leto – Goddess of motherhood, light, and modesty, fitting for a nurturing and gentle dog.
  38. Britomartis – Goddess of hunting and fishing nets, suitable for a dog that loves to hunt or retrieve.
  39. Enyo – Goddess of war and destruction, ideal for a fierce and protective dog.
  40. Eunomia – Goddess of law and legislation, great for a dog with a strong sense of order and obedience.
  41. Maia – Goddess of growth and nurturing, perfect for a dog that is loving and caring.
  42. Pallas – Titaness of warfare, fitting for a brave and loyal dog.
  43. Phaenna – One of the Graces, representing radiance and beauty, suitable for a radiant and beautiful dog.
  44. Philotes – Goddess of friendship and affection, ideal for a friendly and affectionate dog.
  45. Pitho – Goddess of persuasion and seduction, great for a charming and persuasive dog.
  46. Pleiades – Goddesses of the stars and constellation, perfect for a dog with a celestial beauty or connection to the night sky.
  47. Polyhymnia – Goddess of hymns and sacred poetry, fitting for a dog with a love for music or a poetic nature.
  48. Thalia – Goddess of festivity and banquets, suitable for a dog that loves celebrations and social gatherings.
  49. Aglaea – Greek Goddess of beauty, splendor, and adornment, ideal for a beautiful and well-groomed dog.
  50. Euphrosyne – Goddess of joy, mirth, and good cheer, great for a dog that brings happiness and laughter to its family.
  51. Thalia – Goddess of comedy and idyllic poetry, perfect for a dog with a playful and humorous nature.
  52. Alcyone – Goddess of calm seas and tranquility, fitting for a dog that brings calmness and serenity to its family.
  53. Celaeno – Goddess of the dark clouds, suitable for a dog with a dark coat or a mysterious aura.
  54. Electra – Goddess of the storm clouds, ideal for a dog with a stormy or dramatic personality.
  55. Merope – Goddess of the twinkling stars, great for a dog with a sparkling personality or a love for the night sky.
  56. Sterope – Goddess of the lightning, perfect for a dog with a lightning-fast speed or a striking appearance.
  57. Taygete – Greek Goddess of the starlight night, fitting for a dog with a love for nighttime walks or a celestial beauty.
  58. Aegle – Goddess of radiant good health, suitable for a dog with a strong and healthy constitution.
  59. Eurydice – Goddess of the meadow’s sweet grass, ideal for a dog that loves to frolic and play in meadows and fields.
  60. Periboea – Goddess of the sea’s bounty, great for a dog that loves the beach and all the treasures the sea has to offer.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Greek God or Goddess Name for Your Dog

When selecting a Greek mythology-inspired name for your dog, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Consider your dog’s personality, breed, and physical appearance: Choose a name that reflects your dog’s unique traits, such as their temperament, size, coat color, or breed history.
  • Reflect on the meaning of the name and its significance in mythology: Think about the story behind the god or goddess, and how it might relate to your dog’s personality or your relationship with them.
  • Test the name to see if it feels right for your dog: Before settling on a name, try calling your dog by the chosen name to see if it suits them and feels natural to use.


Choosing a meaningful name for your dog is an important part of welcoming them into your family. Greek god names offer a wealth of unique, powerful, and mythical options for your canine companion.

Whether you choose a name inspired by a god, goddess, or hero, your pup is sure to stand out with a legendary moniker. Let us know your favorite Greek god names for dogs in the comments below!

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