160+ Unique and Badass Male Black Lab Names

Best Male Black Lab Names
Black Lab Names Male

Find the best black lab male name for your adorable new pup. Our comprehensive guide provides over 160+ unique male black lab names, tips on choosing the perfect name, and more. Your search for your lab’s perfect name ends here.

Black Lab Names For Boys

Congratulations on welcoming a Black Labrador into your family! These loyal, intelligent, and adorable dogs make for great pets.

Choosing the right name is an essential step in making your black lab feel like a part of your pack. Let’s dive in to some of the most popular black lab names for boys. The following categories offer unique and popular name options that could be a perfect fit for your male Black Lab.

Unique Black Lab Male Names

If you’re looking for a name that stands out, these unique Black Lab male names are perfect options.

  • Nightfall: Signifies the captivating darkness of twilight.
  • Vesper: Refers to evening or evening star, quite mystical.
  • Abyss: For your deep black, mysteriously allure dog.
  • Ebon: Derived from ebony, a type of dark black wood.
  • Inkwell: Symbolizes the depth and intensity of black ink.
  • Orion: A stellar name fitting for a noble Black Lab.
  • Nimbus: Named after the dark thunderstorm cloud.
  • Char: Short, simple, and directly refers to something turned black by fire.
  • Merlot: Named after the black-blue grape variety used for a rich dark wine.
  • Seance: Mysterious and uncommon, perfect for a black dog.
  • Quasar: A very energetic and distant galactic nucleus.
  • Gothic: For a dark and artistically intense Lab.
  • Nightshade: A dark, poisonous plant and a cool name for a black Lab.
  • Nebula: A cool, astronomical name after the brilliant celestial cloud.
  • Dracula: For a Black Lab with a dramatic, mysterious presence.
  • Galactic: For a Lab as captivating as the galaxy.
  • Graphene: Named after a single layer of carbon atoms, strong and unique.
  • Moor: After the dark, open land, an original name for a black Lab.
  • Noir: Derived from French, “Noir” translates to black. It perfectly symbolizes the dark and shiny coats of Black Labradors.
  • Obsidian: This name is derived from volcanic glass that is known for its deep black color. It reflects the bold and powerful personality of your black lab.
  • Inky: Just as an ink pot, your Black Lab’s dense black coat reminds one of the intensity of ink. Plus, it’s a cute, fun name for a playful and exuberant puppy.
  • Raven: Inspired by the bird known for its black plumage and intelligent nature, it’s a significant representation of the striking looks and smart personality of the Labrador breed.
  • Jet: Jet is a type of lignite renowned for its dark black color and glossy finish. A splendid choice of name for your glossy and lively male lab.
  • Espresso: For coffee lovers and puppy lovers alike, Espresso is a great name that reflects the deep, dark richness of your black lab’s coat.
  • Midnight: Is there anything darker than the stroke of midnight? A beautifully poetic name that brings to mind peaceful nights under the stars with your loyal companion.
  • Shadow: An ideal name for a Black Lab who likes to follow you around everywhere you go, just like your own shadow.
  • Thunder: Attributing to the night sky during a storm, this name is very apt for a Lab with a powerful and energetic personality.
  • Smoky: Evoking images of clouds of black smoke, this name could perfectly signify your Lab’s foggy black coat.
  • Carbon: Named after one of the most vital elements on earth, Carbon can be a cool, science-based name for a Black Lab.
  • Cinder: A name that brings to mind images of dark, spent coals from a roaring fire, perfect for a Black Lab with a fiery spirit.
  • Sable: In heraldry, “Sable” means black. It could be a unique and aristocratic name for your Black Lab.
  • Kodiak: Roaming the Alaskan wilderness, a Kodiak bear is known for its enormous size and dark fur.
  • Sterling: Usually associated with silver, but also used to denote something pure and brilliant. Ideal for a Black Lab with a sterling spirit.
  • Knight: Often depicted in black armor, a “Knight” symbolizes nobility, courage, and strength.
  • Sooty: This name is perfect for a mischievous Black Lab with a deep, soot-like color.
  • Galaxy: For that shiny black coat that reminds you of the depth and beauty of the night sky.
  • Mamba: Named after black mamba, the fast and agile snake also known for its dark mouth.
  • Eclipse: A striking name that represents an event where darkness momentarily takes over.
  • Phantom: A mysterious name that suits a sneaky, shadow-following Black Lab.
  • Tar: A dark, sticky substance which can be a fitting name for your clingy Black Lab.
  • Asher: Named after ashes, Asher can be a cool, unique name for a black-coated Lab.
  • Draven: Comes from the word “Drave”, which means Hunter or Pursuer.
  • Shady: A cute name for a dog with a dark coat.
  • Blackbeard: A fearsome and famous pirate, this name would be perfect for a brave and adventurous Black Lab.
  • Blackjack: A good luck charm for card game lovers and a nod to your Lab’s black coat.
  • 8 Ball : A common term for a billiard ball, this name is perfect for a black lab with dark and shiny fur.

Cool Male Black Lab Dog Names

If your Lab is a cool guy, these cool black lab male names can help you pick the perfect one for him.

  • Vader: For Star Wars fans, this dark and formidable character’s name could be a powerful choice.
  • Bruce: Meaning “the color black” in Scottish Gaelic, it lends a traditional touch to your dog’s name.
  • Ironclad: A symbol of strength and durability, just like your Black Lab.
  • Guinness: A world-renowned dark stout beer.
  • Gibson: Inspired by the famous Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty guitar.
  • Darth: Another nod for Star Wars enthusiasts!
  • Burton: Translates to fortified town; a strong and stable name.
  • Kuro: The Japanese word for black, perfect for an international flair.
  • Nero: Italian word for black, injects an exotic touch.
  • Puma: Another name for the magnificent black mountain lion.
  • Titan: A powerful and dark celestial body.
  • Tarmac: Reminiscent of a sleek and black-paved road
  • Merlin: A magical and mysterious character often depicted in a long, black cloak.
  • Panther: A majestic and dark name inspired by the large cat species.
  • Zorro: Spanish for fox, also a famous character known for his black attire.
  • Drake: An Old English derivation meaning “snake” or “dragon”.
  • Blackhawk: Name your Black Lab after this legendary bird of prey.
  • Phantom: A character known for his shadowy presence.
  • Diesel: A rough and tough name with a handsome ring.
  • Magic: In honor of the mysterious color black often associated with magic.
  • Ninja: Just like a stealthy and quiet ninja in the night.
  • Shooter: Ideal for a black lab with a quick pace and playful nature.
  • Diablo: Spanish for devil, fitting for a mischievous pup.
  • Velvet: For a soft, smooth, and luxurious black coat that you can’t help but pet.
  • Batman: Name your Black Lab after this dark and heroic comic book character.
Male Black Lab Names
Best Male Black Lab Names

Badass Black Lab Male Names

Is your black lab a badass boy who deserves a badass name? If so, then you’ll love these options that fit the bill. Here are badass names for your male Black Lab:

  • Blitz: Which means “lightning fast” in German.
  • Vortex: For a lab with a spiraling energy.
  • Havoc: Ideal for a Black Lab with unfettered energy.
  • Fang: A classic badass name for a fearless dog.
  • Cobra: Named after the deadly snake with a sleek, black appearance.
  • Talon: For a Black Lab with a sharp wit and fast reflexes.
  • Rampage: Denotes an unfettered nature and bursting energy.
  • Goliath: A colossal name for a sturdy and robust Black Lab.
  • Hammer: Represents strength and resilience.
  • Dredd: Named after Judge Dredd, the futuristic law enforcer.
  • Butch: A classic tough guy name for a strongly built Black Lab.
  • Magnum: Reflects a strong and powerful appearance.
  • Doom: For a Black Lab with a commanding presence.
  • Reaper: A dark and powerful moniker, perfect for a Black Lab.
  • Titan: Denotes strength and greatness.
  • Onyx: A sleek and shiny black gemstone and a badass name for your Lab.
  • Wolverine: After the feisty mutant known for his resilience and toughness.
  • Sentinel: A vigilant and protective guard or keeper.
  • Quake: For a Black Lab with a powerful presence.
  • Pistol: A badass name for a fast and active Black Lab.
  • Sabotage: For a sneaky lab who loves to stir things up.
  • Venom: Named after the formidable enemy of Spiderman, apt for a strong Lab.
  • Storm: Ideal for a lab with an intense and tempestuous spirit.
  • Racer: A perfect name for a Black Lab with a propensity for speed.
  • Rogue: For a mischievous Black Lab that follows its head.
  • Smasher: For a bulky and powerful Black Lab.
  • Brutus: An ancient Roman name that flows off the tongue and sounds intimidating.
  • Thunderbolt: A perfect name for a Black Lab with an electrifying spirit.

Male Black Lab Hunting Names

If you are looking for a hunting name for your male Black Lab, here are some suggestions:

  • Boar: Denotes strength and resilience.
  • Decoy: Represents the hunting strategy of distraction.
  • Bayonet: Symbolizes sharpness and proficiency.
  • Crossbow: Stands for speed and accuracy.
  • Ravager: Represents power and dominance.
  • Buckshot: An ammunition-related name for your hunting companion.
  • Quarry: A term related to the target in hunting.
  • Predator: For a Black Lab with a strong hunting instinct.
  • Poacher: A bit tongue-in-cheek, but a term well-known in hunting circles.
  • Tolling: A hunting technique, ideal for a clever Black Lab.
  • Ghillie: After the Ghillie suit used by hunters for camouflage.
  • Ruger: Named after a firearms manufacturer.
  • Gamekeeper: A traditional hunting role that could suit an obedient and disciplined dog.
  • Carbine: Another firearm-inspired name, denoting speed and accuracy.
  • Eagle: The symbol of speed and hunting prowess.
  • Buck: For a dog with a strong spirit like a buck in the wild.
  • Ranger: A suitable name for the dog that loves to roam and scout.
  • Tracker: Brilliant choice for a Lab with fantastic tracking skills.
  • Hunter: Simple, classic, and direct name for a hunting dog.
  • Bolt: Fast and unstoppable, like a lightning bolt.
  • Sniper: A nod to his precision and calculated movements when hunting.
  • Scout: Ideal for a Lab who is excellent at exploring and finding trails.
  • Chase: Perfect for the dog who loves to run and chase game.
  • Arrow: Fast and straight to the target, a good name for a focused Lab.
  • Falcon: Named after the bird known for its exceptional hunting ability.
  • Gunner: A name that implies strength and a hunting role.
  • Hawk: For a dog with sharp eyesight and a fast response rate, just like a hawk.
  • Trigger: Great for a dog who is quick to leap into action.
  • Bullet: This represents remarkable speed and accuracy.
  • Trooper: Dogs with high stamina and endurance deserve this name.
  • Wilderness: Perfect for a Lab who thrives in the wild while hunting.
  • Rifle: Another firearm-inspired name that depicts strength and precision.
  • Timber: Inspired by the great outdoors and rugged landscapes.
  • Bow: As in bow and arrow, this name symbolizes accuracy and discipline.
  • Jag: Short for jaguar, a formidable hunter in the wild.
  • Flint: As in flintlock, a type of firearm used for hunting.
  • Blaze: An excellent name for a fast, fiery, and passionate hunting dog.
  • Bandit: A charming name for a sneaky and clever Black Lab.
  • Hawk-Eye: For a lab whose focus and attention during hunts is unmatched.
  • Prowler: A name that implies stealth and agility.
  • Javelin: This name underlines strength, speed, and accuracy.
  • Striker: Ideal for a Black Lab who is quick and effective in its actions.
  • Trapper: A traditional and practical hunting name for your male Black Lab.

Funny Male Black Lab Names

Are you looking for a funny name that reminds you of your Labrador’s personality? If so, then these options are perfect for you. Here are some funny male Black Lab names:

  • Midnight Woofer: When your Black Lab is as black as midnight
  • Bark Ninja: When your black dog has a hint of ninja skills
  • Shadow Paws: For the Lab who always disappears in the dark
  • Agent Bark: When your black pup is always on a secret mission
  • Espresso Pup: For a dog that’s mysteriously dark and caffeinated
  • Void Commander: When your Black Lab rules the darkness
  • Lucky Whisker: For a dog who brings good luck by defying the black cat myth
  • Inky Doodle: An adorable name for a Lab who blends with everything black
  • Barky Road: For a dog as dark and sweet as a famous chocolate bar
  • Waglock Holmes: When your dog always looks like black magic in photos
  • Bark Wayne: Inspired by the alter ego of Batman, Bruce Wayne.
  • Woofgang Pup: A funny twist on the famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • Darth Biter: Combining the Star Wars character and a possible dog habit.
  • Labracadabra: A funny and magical name for an enchanting Black Lab..
  • Sherlock Bones: A hilarious spin on the iconic detective’s name, Sherlock Holmes.
  • Furry Murray: A comical name with a hint of furry friendliness.
  • Count Fluffula: A cute and funny name for a Black Lab with a fluffy or mysterious aura.
  • Bark Obama: A playful spin on Barack Obama, suitable for an intelligent and charismatic dog.
  • Indiana Bones: A pun on the adventurous movie character, Indiana Jones.
  • Chew-bark-a: Inspired by Chewbacca of Star Wars fame.

Why Black Labs are Special

Black Labradors, known for their playful nature, high energy levels, and cuddly disposition, are an all-time favorite breed for many dog owners.

Their eagerness to please and devotion makes them excellent companions and service dogs. Your black lab has many unique traits that deserve a special name.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Black Lab Male Name

Here are some points to consider when naming your male Black Lab:

Personality: Over time, you’ll observe and appreciate your black lab’s distinct personality traits. Their name should ideally reflect these qualities. Spend some time with your canine companion to understand if they’re cuddly, playful, loyal, or adventurous.

Appearance: Black Labs, as their name suggests, have beautiful dark coats. A name that reflects the midnight twinkle in their fur or their sleek and powerful build could be an excellent choice.

Personal Preferences: Think of meaningful words or names that also resonate with your interests and experiences. Your favorite book character, movie hero, or historical figure might provide just the inspiration you’re looking for.

Tips on Teaching Your Black Lab His Name

Once you’ve chosen the perfect name for your Black Lab, it’s essential to teach it to them early on. Consistent reinforcement, positive behavior, and patience go a long way:

  • Say their name to get their attention before giving commands or praise
  • Use their name frequently throughout the day (mealtimes, playtime, etc.)
  • Reward them with treats or positive attention every time they respond to their name

In Conclusion

Naming your furry companion is a fun and essential part of welcoming them into your family. We hope this guide has inspired you, offering over 160 unique and popular male Black Lab names, as well as tips and factors to consider when choosing the perfect name. May your male Black Lab bring joy, laughter, and beautiful memories to your family!

If you’ve found the perfect name for your Black Lab from this list or have a name suggestion of your own, please feel free to share it with us! We’d love to hear about your canine companion and the unique name that you chose for them. Happy naming!


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